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Ken Block has moved on to a new manufacturer as his ride, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t leave a lasting impression in history. Many Subaru enthusiasts have looked at Ken Block as the man that brought Subaru into the mainstream. The good people at Autoblog tipped us off with this article about the Gymkhana 2 video named as one of the top 10 viral videos of all time.

When it comes to Ken Block and DC Shoes’ Gymkhana videos, we’d argue that the trilogy is dominated by the very first flick. It spawned countless tributes – thanks in part to the fact that the automotive internet community had never seen anything quite so amazing. The lonesome airfield, an epic Crawford-preppedSubaru WRX STI and an, um… Segway had never before come together to create such a piece of cinematic glory. Unfortunately, according to Advertising Age, all of that isn’t enough to make the first video one of the all-time most successful viral marketing campaigns. That honor goes to Gymkhana 2.

With a grand total of 32.9 million views and counting, Block’s second take on selling shoes by sliding sideways took the number 10 slot on the magazine’s list of viral wonders. Other winners include the infamous Old Spice Twitter responses, a Doritos ad and the Xbox project Natal. Of course, the all-time champion of hawking wares via the internet is still Blendtec. That company has managed to draw in 134.3 million YouTube views since it started chopping up random objects in 2006.

If you guys have missed these videos here they are to fill your faces. Thanks to Autoblog!

Source: Autoblog