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I love how Travis is still around rocking his Subie even though many have shunned his circle track duties as of late. If you’re a true Travis Pastrana fan, you know that he hasn’t forgotten his Subie roots.

In this video that was just uploaded, Travis calls out Ken Block on his marketing campaign etc. It’s all good though and no one should take this all to seriously. After all, DC does cut Travis a paycheck from time to time. It’s like a friend calling you out during a game of ping pong… or fooseball… or maybe something a little more competitive.

Anyways, enjoy this video, I know I did (The car, not the women…. err, ladies… err… Grandmas?)


After Travis Pastrana’s official farewell to the Subaru factory team, many of us were crestfallen to see a man that has helped Subaru’s image grow leave us. However, he did hint to us prior to his departure that he would be back in the seat of a Subaru from time to time and he didn’t let us down.

He had one heck of a weekend from NASCAR one day and then next day, a rally in MO. This video from our friends at Alpinestars shows how his weekend went and how he destroyed two cars in two days.

Watch it HERE:

Now that the 2011 year is upon us, we can take a simple look back on the top 5 things that happened to Subies according to I’m sure you all have your lists and we encourage you to post them up on our Facebook Fan Page!

5. The 2 Door Test Mules caught testing: It’s been some time since we have had a strong 2 door Subaru on the market and we are glad to see that Subaru thought so too! During this Summer, we saw MANY images of the “FT-86” that has been tested that is a combined effort between Fuji Heavy and Toyota. Many rumors circulated for a while about the Subaru Variant and when we saw these images of a chopped up GRB with a skin of a coupe, we all giggled like school girls.

4. Travis Pastrana’s Red Bull Pier Jump: Now, I know this happened AT Midnight on New Years Eve, but we’ll just let it slide for this list here. Subaru, Travis Pastrana, and the STi were now in MILLIONS of households this year as Travis jumped his STi at the Long Beach Harbor at this Nationally and Internationally televised event. Yukio, our head blogger was also there to witness history being broken with a Subaru. Now, most Americans KNOW about Subarus and the STi and the Subaru brand has yet again grabbed the title of being a “Cool Brand” to own by the youth market.

3.  The New FB20 Flat Four Motor: It’s been some time that the EJ20 / EJ25 motor has been with us. In September, Subaru introduced the new FB20 Flat four motor. This is the first change in the Flat Four motor since 1989 (with updated / upgraded variants). Now, this isn’t about power or about performance rather, a change that Subaru has made a strong evolution to make a reliable, environmentally sound, long lasting, flat four motor. Rumor has it that this will usher in the Hybrid motors and the FT-86 couple will also have this motor in it which will make us giggle when we know about the “STi” Variant of the model!

2. Confidence in Motion: Impreza Concept: There were teasers. There were rumors. During the LA Auto Show, Subaru of America finally revealed what “Confidence in Motion” and our jaws dropped. No more what Subaru labeled as an “Ugly Duckling” (even though we all know that Subarus are great in the performance / reliability department) and was being cheered on by designers and critics. The new design also saw the first ever “cockpit” interior of the Impreza which we all were impressed with! We do hope that this concept doesn’t deviate from the final design but we all know how most concept cars are. However, Subaru has announced that this isn’t too far fetched from the actual design that will be released in 2013!

1. The new 2011 STi Sedan: When Subaru teased us (wow, they do this often huh?) about the sedan version coming out for the STi, we all got excited. When we heard that the WRX will share the similar “Wide Body” of the STi, we all got hyped up! When we saw the final version in the dealerships we almost lost it! It was amazing! We all said it in unison though… “Subaru should have done it like this from the beginning”.

So this is our list for 2010! I know many of you have your own lists, so feel free to post them up on our comments section! Thank you for an amazing 2010 everyone!

Our old friend, Ken Block is hosting the Gymkhana Grid event this weekend and they made this funny little video. There will be several Subarus in attendance including Crawford Performance,Stephan Verdier, and Thomas Smith from Subaru of Las Vegas.

Check it out!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Travis Pastrana is no longer part of the Subaru Rally Team and has move on to the ‘good o’l boys’ of NASCAR. A few days ago, Travis ran his Subaru in his last Rally Event in New Jersey Motorsports Park. As all the Subaru Fans wave goodbye to Travis, we watch the highlights from his last Rally.

Our friends on Dirty Impreza tipped us off to this news about Travis Pastrana leaving Subaru Rally team. This leaves Dave Mirra as their lead driver! How will the effect the team?

Subaru of America, Inc. today bid farewell to Travis Pastrana as the company’s lead driver.  Travis began his relationship Subaru in 2004 from the world of supercross and freestyle motorcross and officially joined Subaru Rally Team USA (SRT USA) in 2006 having run abbreviated development seasons with Subaru in 2004-2005.  During his career as an SRT USA driver, Travis piloted his Subaru Impreza WRX STI to 150+ stage wins, 40 podiums, and 22 event victories en route to earning four consecutive Rally America National Championship titles (2006-2009) and becoming the youngest-ever U.S. Rally champion in history.  Within the ESPN X Games Rally Car Racing format, Travis went on to win two gold, one silver and one bronze medal with Subaru Rally Team USA.

Tim Mahoney, CMO of Subaru of America said, “Travis brought Rally to a whole new audience through the rally championship and of course through his spectacular appearances at X Games. We wholeheartedly thank him for his outstanding performances with Subaru Rally Team USA and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

We here at aren’t quite sure what to think about this news but what we are sure of, is that Subaru always have some tricks up their sleeves and this won’t spell the end of the team! Good luck Travis!

Although I took plenty of pictures at SEMA of the Subaru booth (Coming shortly) sometimes my cruddy point and shoot camera doesn’t really do justice. So that’s why I am featuring Autoblog’s coverage of the Subaru Booth at SEMA.

Now from the looks of this pictures, they got it when everyone was kicked out on Monday night (show starts on Tuesday). Pretty rare sight to see the whole booth without people saturating it.

Of course, Travis’ jump car made an appearance. However, this isn’t the “exact” one but a stunt car that Travis uses for demos. They trailer this car around to dealerships and special events. It is still used extensively.

Winner of SubieFest’s best of show snagged a special spot at the booth!

AEM always impresses every year with their Subaru project and this year is no exception! They muscled out the 2011 STi hatch back with an Ings+1 Kit, Volk Racing Wheels, Eibach Suspension, Crawford Performance goodies, and AEM bits!

One of my personal favorites in this booth (me being a huge road racing fan) was this Subaru Road Racing Team’s GR Sedan! Looks amazing and even with stock aero, it looks mean!

There are several of these “Get more Gs” demo cars out there but this one made its way to the show! I love the tennis ball!

Every year, Subaru features a “show car” style vehicle. This WRX was covered with audio equipment. Although we didn’t hear it bump, it had plenty of juice to allow it to!

When you have a chance check out the rest of the photos HERE thanks to Autoblog!


Want to get your hands on something unique? Well, the “Spy Gnome” Has been autographed by Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Ken Block, and Tommi Makinen.

You can view the auction HERE

It’s for a good cause and I hope you all have a chance to take a look at it and even bid! As stated on the auction:

100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to Victory Junction, a camp for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses, founded by Paul Newman and Kyle & Pattie Petty, as well as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Richard and Lynda Petty, Tony Stewart, The NASCAR Foundation and several more.

Good cause and we are glad that all the drivers signed it!

So how hard core of a Subaru fan are you?  Well, we personally are pretty hard core but how would you like to own / drive a piece of history? Well, this may be the car for you.

Travis’ personal STi is now on Ebay and it seems like it’s going to go for a lot of dough.

Subaru made this for him in 2009 as a gift for winning 3 championships in a row. (A pretty awesome gift). The STi also comes with a lot of custom items such as wider wheels, a couple of bolt on performance parts, custom interior, and of course, the custom paint.

Hurry while you can because you only have a couple of days until this bad boy is sold HERE!


Whether it’s Travis Pastrana jumping an STi over the Long Beach Harbor or jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, he’s never running out of ideas to exceed everyone’s expectations… except I think he’s hit the wall on this one. Travis and his crew go on a small road trip out to Chicago from Maryland to the Buck Hunter World Championships to showcase his digital deer killing skills.

This interesting video shows how Travis really takes care of his crew and how he’s not done growing up yet! It’s fun and entertaining. What will he think of next?