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With all these “buzzings” coming from the Toyobaru, Subaru has been pretty silent about their variant of the platform. Word is now that it IS going to be Rear Wheel Drive and we have mixed feelings about this platform because of that. Meaning that the Toyota and Subaru differences will only be by skin and that’s about it. What about an STi form?

Tokyo, January 14, 2011 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced that it will exhibit the “SUBARU IMPREZA CONCEPT” and the “Subaru Trezia” as European premieres at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show slated for March in Geneva, Switzerland (Press day: March 1 and 2; Open to the public from March 3 through 13, 2011). The “Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept” will also be showcased as a world premiere.

<Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept>

A Subaru rear-wheel drive sports car is currently under joint development as part of the business alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation. Based on an all-new platform, the vehicle will offer Subaru’s distinctive trademark and core technology: the “Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine”. The concept embodies Subaru’s established know-how in manufacturing boxer-powered passenger cars; it shows how Subaru proposes to integrate this expertise into a rear-wheel drive car to offer a new and highly enjoyable, Subaru-like driving experience. The technology concept will demonstrate how the all-new car platform makes full use of Subaru’s engineering and Boxer technology.

We can’t wait to see this car (Finally) in the flesh!

Source: Autoblog


Seems like it’s Test Mule Friday today as we have new photos of the Toyabaru Test Mule!

As you can see in the pictures, seems like this Test Mule will retain the “Subaru Scoop” so we’re hoping that it retains the current 2.5 Turbo power plant for the Top Mount Intercooler.

The rest of the exterior is pretty much the same but it won’t tell us much about the final production vehicle due to the fact that it’s a test mule.

Here’s the part that got me giggling like a little girl, interior shots. Although the exterior look very familiar to the current Impreza, the interior looks nothing like a current Subaru. The chassis is based off the Legacy, the interior has odd cues like the top mounted air conditioner vents and the side panels. Also the gauge cluster is different from the Legacy or Impreza so this is pretty much a new interior.

So, are we excited for this? You’re darn right we are. We look forward to the progress of the Toyabaru as it becomes closer to production! A new coupe from Subaru and it’s taken them over 10 years!

The rumor mill has been in full swing for this. Now many of you may be confused on why Subaru will be going down in size by almost a full liter and that reason may be of WRC and WTCC. Both extremely large racing series around the world has given Subaru almost a reason to keep their high horsepower turbo applications.

The series limit the displacement of the motors which is why Subaru is looking to Cosworth as a means of bringing enough competitive horsepower and torque into play. Many people groan at the 1.6 liter but don’t forget that many of these manufacturers have been able to churn out huge amounts of power so I wouldn’t doubt that there will be a buffet of power upgrades IF this happens.

Current speculations put this 1.6  Liter motor at around 250hp or even more power but again, this is just speculations. Also, we’re unclear if this motor will be going into the current STi model or this may possibly go towards the “Toyarabu” which is the next generation “86” by Toyota. The second option sounds much more plausible due to the compact nature of the vehicle. Either way, it’s exciting to see Cosworth getting more into the OEM applications.

It’s no surprise that the Toyota / Subaru news is quite common especially with the rumor of the “Toyorabu” or whatever it’s called coming out as a two door varient to the Toyota “FT-86” concept that has been floating around so when I read this article found in Autoblog it really came to no surprise.

The Subaru Ractis (Rack-tees) is part of the growing segment in Japan called “Kei-Cars”. The demand of the 1.3 to 1.5 liter vehicles is growing and Subaru wants to make sure that they don’t lose out on any of the sales. Toyota has agreed to make a 2 wheel drive and an all wheel drive versions of the Ractis in Japan. 10,000 units will be produced for Subaru from Toyota. Toyota actually owns a bit of Fuji Heavy (Parent company of Subaru) and so this will also benefit them in the end. I think I can speak for many of our readers by saying that we really don’t need to fill the “Kei-Car” segment in the US with this Subaru and it’s one of very FEW Japanese Subaru models that we can say “Uhm, you guys go ahead and keep that.”

Source: Autoblog