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Speedhunters always have great articles and from time to time they’ll feature a Subaru that we all want to know about. This time they take a historic look on the Super GT Legacy B4 that they have been¬†campaigning in Japan.

When this Legacy hit the web, everyone went crazy. First off, it was the new Legacy. No one was prepared. Everyone expected the Impreza model but Subaru pulled it off with the right look and style.

There was high hopes for this team at first, but during their debut they had mechanical problems and to add it to it, they needed additional development time to perfect it. Of course, this is what happens with most new race vehicles that hit the grid.

Subaru did what they can to improve their Legacy throughout the winter and things started to turn.

Speedhunters goes into depths about the Legacy including their improvements throughout the season.


I love hitting up our friends at Live Sockets Entertainment and their series of websites, including Apartment 107! They always have fresh info and news there. I saw that they put up an article about the recent Super GT Races in Japan and that Subaru came in with a win with their new Legacy B4 GT300 race car!

In the GT300 class the R&D SPORT LEGACY B4 (Tetsuya Yamano/ Kota Sasaki) emerged the winner. Starting from 11th position on the GT300 class grid, the team worked up steadily through the pack to and finally took the lead on a faster pit time in the last pit stop. This is a team that made its GT debut part way through last season and skipped round four of this season to make some major changes in the machine that led to this victory. For the team, its first podium finish of the season turned to be a victory.

It’s awesome that some time off and more R&D that this pretty crazy Legacy has been able to pull off an impressive win!¬†More info on this car later!

Source: Apartment107