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The good guys at GT Channel has featured this great video on the series of STi’s from the GC on up! Check out the “Drift King” test drive these Imprezas and his impression on them. Check it out!


I don’t usually describe things as “Epic” but this video is Epic. Taking place about a month ago during the 4th of July Weekend, the Takata / LIC Time Attack team came out, guns blazing, against the other top Time Attack Teams in the Nation during the Liberty Grand Prix in the Redline Time Attack series.

Check out this pretty sweet video of these guys and keep coming back to see more!

The Underdogs Episode 2

So I go through many blogs finding info on Subarus so you don’t have to and I go to Jalopnik on a daily basis. They have witty commentary and articles and I saw the this article “Top Ten┬áStereotyped┬áDrivers” and guess what made the list?

Sigh…. yeah, the Subaru WRX made it on the list. It’s a negative stigma too. Here’s what they say:

“Danio3834 says WRXs are “basically turbo’d economy cars owned by younger douches who generally believe their cars are impervious to losing any race, real or imagined.” Much like the Civic, the STI is largely ruined by the attitudes of a select few. In truth, it’s a great car, on- or off-road.”

So it’s not all bad it’s that a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else.┬áLuckily, we don’t have people like reading our purist blog. Thank you all for being supportive REAL enthusiasts! Read more about this Top Ten list at Jalopnik.

Source: Jalopnik