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I love seeing the privateers do what they can to stay competitive and even after the event, they have to clean up. Seattle was a wet, muddy, and dirty and he has to clean up. Here’s Stephan’s snapshot of him cleaning up his Subaru in his driveway.


Seems like Subarus are getting more popular in Drift these days especially in NZ. Purposely build drift Subaru and it looks great.

Source: Speedhunters

Here’s a great shot of a Subaru doing what it does best.

Source: Seattle Times

Our friend Yuji, from Subaru of Las Vegas / Zenkai Motorsports have this massive photo gallery of the images he ‘s taken at the Gymkhana Grid event! They’re beautiful photos and I think you’ll all enjoy them!

To see rest of the photos, check it out HERE.

Yes, check your garages people… because that would be a great surprise.

Freeze Frame: Fozzy, meet Hachi…

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Yukes in Forester, Freeze Frame
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Sometimes there are photos that are just plain amazing / awesome / cool and I think this one takes it. Our friends from Speedhunters posted this pictures of one of their reader’s Forester towing his track Toyota Corolla.