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Wagons usually have that stigma of being boring or for suburban families but as of late, they’ve come back as being something cool, useful, and fun! Well, the guys in Tony Rigoli Racing in Australia were once the top dogs in drag racing Subarus.

You see, this wagon was the fastest Drag Subaru in the world (until ESX broke that record) however, these guys haven’t given up yet and they’re still poised to take that back. This is their weapon of choice.

As you can see from the backside of this Impreza Wagon, it’s all business with a parachute and lexan windows. Drag radials wrap each corner for grip.

Drag cars don’t have to be “all go and no show”. This Impreza has all the go fast bits along with some pretty nice show quality installs and paint. Attention to detail is there with polished and painted parts.

So let’s take a look at engine bay… but wait? Where’s the turbo? It’s actually slung low to shorten the piping. You can see the Nitrous Injection ports on the intake manifold. This motor is actually a EJ20 that has been stroked to a 2.5L and it makes 594hp! Well, that’s before the laughing gas is injected.

A massive GT76 Turbo with a velocity stack feeds the hungry motor.

Interior is all business… and bit of a rat’s nest but whatever works! Wait… where’s the stick shift? It’s an 4 speed built automatic transmission. Whatever can get you down the 1320 faster, wins!

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