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The rumor mill has been in full swing for this. Now many of you may be confused on why Subaru will be going down in size by almost a full liter and that reason may be of WRC and WTCC. Both extremely large racing series around the world has given Subaru almost a reason to keep their high horsepower turbo applications.

The series limit the displacement of the motors which is why Subaru is looking to Cosworth as a means of bringing enough competitive horsepower and torque into play. Many people groan at the 1.6 liter but don’t forget that many of these manufacturers have been able to churn out huge amounts of power so I wouldn’t doubt that there will be a buffet of power upgrades IF this happens.

Current speculations put this 1.6  Liter motor at around 250hp or even more power but again, this is just speculations. Also, we’re unclear if this motor will be going into the current STi model or this may possibly go towards the “Toyarabu” which is the next generation “86” by Toyota. The second option sounds much more plausible due to the compact nature of the vehicle. Either way, it’s exciting to see Cosworth getting more into the OEM applications.


It seems like we get pretty water downed versions of the STi while other parts of the world cool versions like the Cosworth STi. This Cosworth STi is pretty much a super car battler with a humble exterior. To me, it’s a combo made in heaven!

It’s subdued exterior will fool anyone as it actually has a good amount of performance to back its emblem. The power comes out to a boastful 395hp and a lofty 398ft/lbs and that’s all from ‘the factory’. The motor has been give a ‘do over’ with a full build including pistons, rods, upgraded turbo, exhaust, and a ECU reflash. For any performance junkie that is reading this, you already have in your head “Oh, there’s so much more power to get out of the motor!!!”. I’ve seen STi’s get close to 450whp with similar upgrades so these cars are basically begging for more power.

Given that the Cosworth STi also gets its handling from a set of Eibach Springs and Bilstein dampers, it’s a perfect storm.

The exterior is upgraded with mesh inserts on the front bumper, widen track by 12mm, rear spoiler and some nice 18 inch wheels. The kicker is the awesome AP Racing / Cosworth big brake system! These are limited to only 75 units and only sold in the UK. So, given the fact that most of our readers are from North America, it will be a truly rare sight to see these in person.

So what’s the tab on something like this? Well, with great power comes great… amount of income that you will need because it’s well over $70,000.00. As some of you may groan there are those who will love this Subaru so much that they will shell that out and to me, those are the die hards. We will all sit back and watch the Brits get all the fun so we hope that Cosworth may have some plans in the near future.

Source: Autolink