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Check this great video from SubieFest featuring our very own spokes modelĀ Michelle in the first seconds!

Click HERE to view the video!


Here’s a cool little clip of Cam Benner, Driver of the Street Class Cobb Tuning STi talking about his experience at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Round 8.

Cool thing about being part of the industry is not only do you work around the cars but most likely you’re a car enthusiast. I was snooping around COBBB Tuning Facebook page and found this video of one of their engineers at an Autocross. I love the way his Subie sounds!

I was snooping around on Facebook when I came along Cameron Benner’s facebook page and saw these:

Looks spot on with the design! Pretty sweet. I’m sure you’ll have to search for it or go onto the Forza forums to get it but it’s cool to see the current Time Attack cars being made on Forza3! I have been in contact with Cameron and I’ll be doing an interview with him shortly!

It’s amazing to see Cam Brenner of COBB Tuning driving that Street Class STi on the track. It’s a fast car and it’s pretty much built to drive hard. It’s leading in points right now in the Street All Wheel drive class and the COBB Tuning guys have made a wonderfully entertaining video.

I was lucky enough to be at Round 5 of Redline Time Attack in Chicago to see a bunch of records fall. One record that was being sought after was the Street Class AWD category and the COBB Tuning STi was gunning for it. The COBB Tuning STi has been getting a lot of attention lately and there’s a reason why, it’s just plain fast.

Cameron Benner is the driver and he has skills. From what I recall from the event, the STi fell to an early demise as the car caught on fire but it seems like Cameron was able to save the motor before anything else happened. Check out their video: