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As a Dad and being a Dad of a daughter (another 10 years till she drives) this commercial that won a spot on Time Magazine’s Top 10 Commercial for 2010, was one of my favorites. I’ll admit it, this commercial tugged at my heart a bit.

I love this commercial!


These days, you have to have a great jingle, song, or slogan to really make an impression on the mass media and their audience. Luckily Subaru hit the “right note” (yes, that’s a winner right there!) with this ad featuring the Subaru Legacy titled as “Tighten Up” by the Black Keys. has named it one of the top 2010 songs in a commercial.┬áCheck it out:

The Black Keys put out a fantastic album this year called “Brothers” that is as sexy and energetic as anything they’ve ever produced, and Subaru and its agency were smart to pick up this track from it. The song piles on layers one piece at a time, and, by the time you discover where it’s headed, you realize that the ad is just about a guy who really loves to rip his car through puddles. Sometimes that’s all you need.



Not sure which part of the world these ads are from, but they’re quite interesting:

Very primal if I do say myself. From my understanding, the XV trim Impreza is only available in Europe which kinda explains the “Butt shot” of the woman in the first image.

For those who were old enough to remember A-ha’s “Take on me” music video, you can recall that it involved sketches and live action which was pretty cool back then. Well, Subaru has taken cue to that and has created a very interesting commercial.

And just as a reference:

I’ve fallen in love with the “Get More G’s” campaign that features Subaru poster boys Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra. Well, the Aussies have their campaign for the new WRX, “All 4 the Driver”.

So which one do you guys like better?

Here’s a cute little Legacy commercial that will give you a smile.

Yeah, turn up the cheese meter for me because this thing hit me personally. I’m a Dad (a very proud one too) and so when I saw this commercial that Subaru has recently aired, it really made me smile knowing that I’ll end up getting my daughter a Subaru when she gets older.

Check out this great video that features the Subaru Legacy.