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While watching this new video from the never ending saga of Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3, I saw that they’re including the 2011 STi sedan in it! Yep, it made the cut which I am totally excited for! Although it’s on screen for less than 5 seconds, you can rest assured that one of our favorite vehicle models of this year will be on this game! Check it out!


The good guys at GT Channel has featured this great video on the series of STi’s from the GC on up! Check out the “Drift King” test drive these Imprezas and his impression on them. Check it out!

Here’s a “classic” from Best Motoring provided by our friends at GT Channel featuring the S204 Type RA-R, a model that we  didn’t get but Japan did. Too bad.


Here’s a video from our friends at GT Channel on a lap with world famous Tommi Makinen around the infamous Nurburgring in the 2011 STi.

Our friend Taro from GT Channel sent this to us via our Facebook Fan Page. A pretty interesting look at the 2011 STi 4 door.

Check it out!