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I have to say, I am actually disappointed in the game Dirt 3.
On the packaging it states more rally content then ever before in the series, when the first game alone was a 100% rally game. Not to mention it’s heritage predecessor the colin mcrae series.
So far I have done like three rally stages in the career mode, and that’s another thing I’m not a big fan of. Now I know that racing games aren’t known for their career progression, but I really think they should be, because if you aren’t racing you’re looking at menus and choosing where next to race.
It’s so linear. Unlike Dirt 2 where you really only had to do the races you are a fan of, the third instalment gives you a path to follow. Not only that, but the game is based on the archaic point system, so they force you to “race” races you don’t want to but also pretty much forces what car you will drive just to make the points to progress (driving certain cars gives you more points).The reason why I put the word race in quotes is because half the time you are in a gymkhana. I like watching Ken Block’s videos, but it’s not as fun to play, especially when you have to place just to move forward.Though I must add, the soundtrack is exceptional 🙂
That’s my spiel


So according to this article, a Bank Robber was accused with robbing 2 separate banks to buy a Subaru from a local Subaru Dealership.

A Valley man is accused of holding up two banks 100 miles apart.  The first occurred Tuesday in Visalia and Wednesday in Merced.  The financial officer at Herwaldt Subaru says he needed the cash for a down payment on a sports car.

He wanted to buy the blue sports car… Stockdale says Sugarman had no credit but lots of cash to make a hefty down payment.  He didn’t qualify for the new car but a used car fit in his price range.  Sugarman said he would be back Wednesday.

So I guess he really wanted a Subaru so badly that he robbed a bank. I wouldn’t recommend it but who says that Subaru owners aren’t passionate?

We’ve been invited by the good people over at Loyola Marymount to display our Subarus on Campus at Noon!

Want to come by? Here’s the address:
1 Loyola Marymount University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 338-2700

Bring your Subaru keys or wear your Subaru gear and receive a FREE Goodie Bag!

There have been two polarized sides to people’s view on Subaru’s designs. Some saying that their awkward angles are beautiful and some saying that they’re hideous. Since their new campaign for their 2013 Impreza, their designs have changed to sleeker, more subtle designs.

The good people at Motor Trend have commented that Subaru is beginning to “reinvent” itself through innovative designs and engineering. Motor Trend commented as saying:

Emotional phrasing aside, we think that these two designs — especially the new signature grille and headlight combination — are right on the money and help transport Subaru out of the “dull and boring” basket, and into the “pay attention” category.

This comment is towards their designs for the FT-86 Concept (which we are still waiting on the official name of) and the Impreza / Legacy Models.

Read more what Motor Trend commented about Subaru’s new designs and see if you agree with them!

Well, I know there’s bit of saturation on the 2011 WRX and it’s reviews, but it’s good to get opinions on the car!

Its creations have more power, a more advanced drivetrain and a more aggressive suspension than a typical WRX, which is no slouch — believe us. Bottom line: The WRX and WRX STI represent the tip of Subaru’s performance spear.

The review puts a good spin on the WRX. You can read more about it HERE.

Source: MSN Auto

An our friend of ours, Mitch McKee from AMS Performance took a moment to let me know about how he recently tuned a 2011 WRX.

Q: Hey Mitch. Thanks for joining us at for a quick look at tuning the new 2011 WRX. Now, tell us what you do and little about your background.

A: My name is Mitch Mckee and I am a tuner at AMS Performance in West Chicago, IL. My background is in tuning for various levels of competition including rally, drift, drag and circuit racing. I deal mostly in import cars and have most of my experience with Subaru and Mitsubishi’s.


Q: When the customer came in for the tune on the 2011 WRX, where there any expectations or things you had to overcome since it’s slightly different from the previous models?

A: Since the car is so new we had to find a solid way to tune the car since support for the cars is limited so far. That is why we turned to Cobb Tuning for there help. As usual they had a solution and there customer service was excellent in getting us the beta software to tune the car.

From a tuning standpoint things were very similar to previous models Subarus, but the factory calibration that came in it was much better than in previous years.



Q: How tuner friendly is the 2011 WRX?

A: I think it will prove to be an excellent platform to modify and as will make a great car for the tuner market.


Q: What was done to the 2011 WRX that you tuned?

A: The car we tuned only had a downpipe and a cold air intake.


Q: What kind of gains could you see if the customer did the usual Stage 2 (intake, exhaust, downpipe, up pipe, etc.) upgrades?

A: I think with the addition of a full exhaust the car should be able to gain around 20 additional horsepower and 20ft/lbs. The stock exhaust on the WRX is very very restrictive and a larger diameter pipe would yield great gains.


Q: Have you had a chance to mess around with the 2011 STi and if so, what were the numbers on that

A: I have not had a chance to yet, but we will be here soon.


Q: Thanks Mitch for your time. We’ll keep in touch in regards to future developments with AMS Performance.

A: Thank you Yukio and Subie Life.


We hope to hear Mitch shortly when he gets the chance to tune the 2011 STi! Meanwhile, check out AMS Performance’s Website for more information!

So, we know that a lot of you guys are wondering how the first shoot went. Well, it went absolutely well! Here are some shots from the shoot:

This is’s very own Spokes Model, Michelle doing her signature “Jump in the air” move.

Michelle with Yukio’s Subaru (Founder of!

This is the first group of Subarus that we shot. We all loved the Forester!

Michelle in front of our Buddy’s GC! In Matte Black!

Eddie’s Subaru from Garage Defend!

This was “group 2” of the Subaru Shoot.

Well, well, well… who’s this? Yep, that’s me and my Subaru! Michelle and I would like to thank all of the Subaru Enthusiasts that came out and helped out and our wonderful photographer, Carlos for taking these amazing photos! More photos will be up shortly! Don’t forget, we’ll be debuting our new poster at SubieFest BUT if you want to purchase the poster and have it personalized by Michelle, we can do that too!

Speedhunters keeps on feeding us with Subie goodness! For you TRUE Subie Enthusiasts you should remember the pretty rare and limited Prodrive P1 GC Impreza!

In the late 90’s Subaru and Prodrive UK came together and made this gem.

Probably one of those rare Subarus that are among the 22B and the Spec C RA-R.

The engine bay has been decorated with multiple Prodrive goodies. The engine itself is the STi version from Japan.

The real special part of this car is the aero. It really makes this GC stand out. All 1000 of these P1’s came in the blue tone.

A must have… also to make sure others know that this is no ordinary GC.

There’s a lot more on the Speedhunters’ website so make sure you drop by their blog to see the entire article on this beauty of a car!

Source: Speedhunters

Rumors galore recently with the news of a new Forester in the works. Yep, the possibility of a new “STi” Forester is finally being talked about.

Here’s what our friends at Autoblog had to say:

Scooby fans down under might get the first look at an STI version of the Subaru Forester meant for global markets. It’s only speculation at this point, but Subaru has said it will bring a “sporty SUV,” and the Sydney Morning Herald figures an additionally boosted Forester makes the most sense.

Regardless of whether such a beast would wear an STI badge – if it exists at all – the theory goes that it would get an STI-like jump in power above the turbocharged Forester currently on sale in Australia. The JDM version of the Forester STI, on sale for five years, puts down 322 horsepower – that’s 26 more ponies than are available in the Aussie WRX STI.

The Forester is already the top-selling compact SUV in Australia. Right now the most powerful version is the 227-hp XT model, so a boost in gumption would place it incontestably above the 268-hp Toyota RAV4 and 235-hp Mazda CX-7. Subaru won’t confirm anything else about what will be revealed, except that it could go worldwide.

So will we finally get to see the Forester STi? We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one!

Source: Autoblog

Well, Jalopnik doesn’t dissapoint when it came to their new top 10 list that they churn out every 4 hours.

Here’s what they said about the Impreza:

7.) Subaru Impreza

Suggested By: BtheD19

Why It Looks so Good: BtheD19 specified WRXs, but we’re fans of all the rallying Imprezas, whether they were run by the Subaru factory team in the mid-1990’s by the late great Colin McRae or cars that are still out there now, fielded by amateur teams driving the snot out of them for the sheer thrill of it. There’s something right about a blue car with that bright yellow swoop and logo down the side, caked in dirt and mud, regardless of what era it’s from.

We couldn’t agree more! Check out the rest of their list HERE!

Source: Jalopnik