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Now this Dutch manufacturer has put together this racing prototype vehicle for homologation and it’s powered by an EJ20 STi motor on a 5 speed (we’re suspecting that it’s either the RA gears or a custom transmission – we would have opted for 6 speed) and it only weighs a dainty 1,875 lbs.

It can apparently go 0-60 at around 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 160mph (again, which backs up the RA Spec Gears theory). This can be yours for a banging $175,000.00!

Power to weight ratio is just about right but I don’t think it’s quite a super car with the weight. What’s your feedback?

Source: Autoblog


We sometimes get a little upset that Japan get their “JDM” Versions of vehicles and us Stateside or everywhere else in the world gets to sit and watch Japan have their fun. Our friends at Speedhunters had a up close and personal shoot with the STi tS in Japan which really made some of here, quite jealous.

The tS has a few features that the regular STi doesn’t have including some tS specific exterior features.

The tS has a few other special features including suspension upgrades.

How does a factory twin scroll turbo set up sound? Nice huh? Wish we had this!

The interior jumped out to me. It was seriously a sports car like design. Red stitching, engine start button, and a very cockpit like design was really interesting!

I’ve seen multiple threads on forums begging Subaru of America making these seats as an option in USDM cars. I now see why.

Carbon roof anyone? Lower center of gravity, looks great, and well, it’s limited!

I always liked the lip wings on STi’s and the wheels have to be the best ones so far for the STi. I’m officially jealous. Check out the rest of the images at Speedhunters!


News from Car and Driver about a UK only Subaru with a power boost and navigation called the STI 320R, it’s name spawning from it’s power in PS and torque. But like most enhancing goodies, emission standards keep us from it.
-Adam A. (Gatchaponkei)

So the Forester XTI made its official debut in Australia with the stout WRX powerplant. That means it has the 260hp and 256ft/lbs of torque. That’s pretty good and it goes through a paddle shifter automatic.

The interior has been upgraded with the signature STi blue highlights that are alcantara and leather. It’s a great interior.

This great Forester features not only the heart of a WRX but also performance upgrades including light weight STi wheels, little aero bits, and sportier STi suspension. I think this is an option for me when my future wife forces me to chose between a crossover SUV and a Mini Van… if Subaru ever brings this bad boy to the States.

We’re seeing more of these Toyoabarururu (I have no idea what to call these) more and more and the latest child of the collaboration is the Subaru Trezia.

This little compact is very similar to the Honda Fit and is based off of the current Toyota Verso (Or the Ractis) and won’t be powered by the traditional boxer format that the USDM side of Subarus are being powered. Here’s what Autoblog had to report on the power plants:

In Japan, the Trezia is powered by a choice of 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter inline-four cylinder gasoline engines mated to a CVT, but in Europe the 1.5 will be replaced with a 1.4-liter diesel. In Japan, the Trezia can be had with all-wheel-drive provided car buyers check off the box for the more powerful engine, which will likely be the turbodiesel in Europe.

So the question remains, will the North American market embrace this model coming stateside? In our humble opinion no since the formula that Subaru already has seems to be working in their favor. Only time will tell.

Now that the 2011 year is upon us, we can take a simple look back on the top 5 things that happened to Subies according to I’m sure you all have your lists and we encourage you to post them up on our Facebook Fan Page!

5. The 2 Door Test Mules caught testing: It’s been some time since we have had a strong 2 door Subaru on the market and we are glad to see that Subaru thought so too! During this Summer, we saw MANY images of the “FT-86” that has been tested that is a combined effort between Fuji Heavy and Toyota. Many rumors circulated for a while about the Subaru Variant and when we saw these images of a chopped up GRB with a skin of a coupe, we all giggled like school girls.

4. Travis Pastrana’s Red Bull Pier Jump: Now, I know this happened AT Midnight on New Years Eve, but we’ll just let it slide for this list here. Subaru, Travis Pastrana, and the STi were now in MILLIONS of households this year as Travis jumped his STi at the Long Beach Harbor at this Nationally and Internationally televised event. Yukio, our head blogger was also there to witness history being broken with a Subaru. Now, most Americans KNOW about Subarus and the STi and the Subaru brand has yet again grabbed the title of being a “Cool Brand” to own by the youth market.

3.  The New FB20 Flat Four Motor: It’s been some time that the EJ20 / EJ25 motor has been with us. In September, Subaru introduced the new FB20 Flat four motor. This is the first change in the Flat Four motor since 1989 (with updated / upgraded variants). Now, this isn’t about power or about performance rather, a change that Subaru has made a strong evolution to make a reliable, environmentally sound, long lasting, flat four motor. Rumor has it that this will usher in the Hybrid motors and the FT-86 couple will also have this motor in it which will make us giggle when we know about the “STi” Variant of the model!

2. Confidence in Motion: Impreza Concept: There were teasers. There were rumors. During the LA Auto Show, Subaru of America finally revealed what “Confidence in Motion” and our jaws dropped. No more what Subaru labeled as an “Ugly Duckling” (even though we all know that Subarus are great in the performance / reliability department) and was being cheered on by designers and critics. The new design also saw the first ever “cockpit” interior of the Impreza which we all were impressed with! We do hope that this concept doesn’t deviate from the final design but we all know how most concept cars are. However, Subaru has announced that this isn’t too far fetched from the actual design that will be released in 2013!

1. The new 2011 STi Sedan: When Subaru teased us (wow, they do this often huh?) about the sedan version coming out for the STi, we all got excited. When we heard that the WRX will share the similar “Wide Body” of the STi, we all got hyped up! When we saw the final version in the dealerships we almost lost it! It was amazing! We all said it in unison though… “Subaru should have done it like this from the beginning”.

So this is our list for 2010! I know many of you have your own lists, so feel free to post them up on our comments section! Thank you for an amazing 2010 everyone!

Dino from Speedhunters knows how to shoot cars and especially at the Super Lap Battle event at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

The AVO STi has an extreme amounts of grip and has the typical Time Attack look with all “business”. The heart of the beast is an invincible Cosworth Block and the boost at 2 bar and has a capability of making well over 600whp. It set a great lap of 58.298 which surpassed its previous best lap time of 59.343.

The Original Runduce STi was there with some mild bolt ons including their great looking aero enhancements. The STi makes roughly 400hp and Dino on the article pointed out the dry carbon turbo inlet. That looks AMAZING! Please put that under the “WANT” category!

Prodrive Japan with Auto Produce Boss brought out this pretty clean GRB and it was able to manage a 1:02.199 which was great for a street car!

Bozz Speed had their R205 STi in attendance with a host of great modifications. Full Titanium exhaust? Yes please! It also holds a Trust Turbo giving this R205 a hefty 400whp. I noticed that in a lot of these STi’s, they don’t do what a lot of State-side Subarus do and reverse the intake manifold. Maybe it’s a USDM thing?

Super Autobacs Nagoya showed up with this fresh GVB STi with Volk Racing TE37 Super Laps and Endless Brakes!

HKS Kansai came out with their GVB! Looks great and I know they’ve just started tuning it!

Dino spotted this clean Legacy GT in the paddock area! If Darth Vader had a family sedan with some guts, this would be it.

When you have a chance, check out the coverage on Speedhunters!


Not sure which part of the world these ads are from, but they’re quite interesting:

Very primal if I do say myself. From my understanding, the XV trim Impreza is only available in Europe which kinda explains the “Butt shot” of the woman in the first image.

A few weeks ago, we talked about a rumored “Beefed Up Forester” being developed in Australia to fill out the “STi need” for the Forester. Well, apparently those rumors are true, to an extent.

Essentially have taken a Forester XT and spruced up the numbers to 259hp and 256 ft./lbs. of torque. Respectable numbers considering what the Forester exterior shows. Additionally the transmission is only a 5 speed automatic (groans from our readers) with paddle shifters, 17 inch STi wheels, and special interior.

Although it’s a bit on the tame side considering what STi means, this is the step in the right direction and we hope that Subaru of America sees that there is a viable need for a sporty crossover!


Speedhunters keeps on feeding us with Subie goodness! For you TRUE Subie Enthusiasts you should remember the pretty rare and limited Prodrive P1 GC Impreza!

In the late 90’s Subaru and Prodrive UK came together and made this gem.

Probably one of those rare Subarus that are among the 22B and the Spec C RA-R.

The engine bay has been decorated with multiple Prodrive goodies. The engine itself is the STi version from Japan.

The real special part of this car is the aero. It really makes this GC stand out. All 1000 of these P1’s came in the blue tone.

A must have… also to make sure others know that this is no ordinary GC.

There’s a lot more on the Speedhunters’ website so make sure you drop by their blog to see the entire article on this beauty of a car!

Source: Speedhunters