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It’s hard to say good bye. It’s hard to see someone that is part of the family depart. However, the mass population has spoken and the Subaru Tribeca has been voted off the island (see, I can do some pop culture references).

With lack luster sales since its introduction Subaru has decided to close the curtain on the CUV that no one bought. They’ve only sold 900+ units this year so far. Far lower than Subaru has anticipated. We at Subie-Life want to say good bye to the Tribeca.

Source: Autoblog


Ah, the Tribeca. It’s a great platform that hasn’t really received the well deserved love that most of the other Subaru models have been welcomed to. However, I have a soft spot for the Tribeca. Why?  Because there aren’t any other Subaru models that can haul so much stuff, people, and have the stout flat 6 motor.

So what comes out of the rumor mill next is (or isn’t if you have been in the loop with the Toyota / Subaru mash ups) a surprise. Motor Trend has mentioned that both Toyota and Subaru are talking about integrating some platforms including the Tribeca and the Highlander. The new Subaru Tribeca may share the same frame as the Highlander however the Highlander will have to use the Flat 6 motor currently found on the Tribeca.

If we find out any new news, you’ll find it here!

Source: Autoblog