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There have been many times that the diesel options have come up in other manufacturers and lately it’s been a really good alternative for people, especially in the advancements in technology. My own recollection on diesel is my dad’s Mercedes Benz diesel that smelled, idled rough, and sounded like a choked out VW.

The reasoning behind the whole diesel talk is because of tightening CO2 emission laws around the world have been getting stricter which puts many manufacturers in a position where they do have to find alternative fuel sources. One being diesel and the other is hybrid. From what Autocar reports is that there is a likely hood that the next Gen STi will have a diesel turbo option that will generate 200hp with 300 ft/lbs of torque. Seems like a step backwards but don’t forget that turbo diesels out there can generate gobs of torque with just a few bolt ons. This may be better for us performance junkies. For those who prefer the traditional fuel option, there is also rumored to be a gas model but will have reduced displacement.

Rumors are swarming and we’ll do our best to notify you all when things change!