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So the last week we saw that the new Impreza got a bit of a sneak peak. Now here are the full view of the new Impreza.

Check out more images here:

Maybe with some nice wheels, lowered, exhaust, and an STi wing, this Impreza will look great! We’ll wait for the WRX / STi versions to come out to fully judge the new Impreza!


So our good friends over at Autoblog had this great report stating that the 2012 Impreza with its new design team behind it may make it’s official debut at the New York Autoshow in August. Here’s what Autoblog reported:

In speaking with IL, Subaru of America’s executive vice president, Tom Doll, confirmed that the 2012 Impreza will go on sale in the United States in August, meaning that an official reveal at April’s New York Auto Show is very likely.

Autoblog, you made our day. We can’t wait to see what the production version will look like and how the STi version will complete our dreams!

With so many rumors going around it feels like Subaru High School but it’s because Subaru is so good about keeping their lips tight about so many things down the pipeline. There have been buzzings about their Subaru Hybrid Tourer which is focusing on their new design approach.

This is Subaru’s first attempt in making a super gas efficient vehicle. We’re uncertain if this Subaru is based off of the Legacy or Impreza Chassis but this may seem like a whole new platform.

Although these images are merely concept images, you can see where Subaru is going with their Impreza Concept and has applied their design theories onto this Subaru Hybrid Tourer.

Well, the Subaru Hybrid Tourer should be a big hit with its modern design but I’m sure that the concept will be different from the production model but we like where Subaru is going with this!

There have been two polarized sides to people’s view on Subaru’s designs. Some saying that their awkward angles are beautiful and some saying that they’re hideous. Since their new campaign for their 2013 Impreza, their designs have changed to sleeker, more subtle designs.

The good people at Motor Trend have commented that Subaru is beginning to “reinvent” itself through innovative designs and engineering. Motor Trend commented as saying:

Emotional phrasing aside, we think that these two designs — especially the new signature grille and headlight combination — are right on the money and help transport Subaru out of the “dull and boring” basket, and into the “pay attention” category.

This comment is towards their designs for the FT-86 Concept (which we are still waiting on the official name of) and the Impreza / Legacy Models.

Read more what Motor Trend commented about Subaru’s new designs and see if you agree with them!

Well, the Impreza concept car at the LA Autoshow had some mixed reviews. What I keep telling people is that it’s merely a concept. However, people still don’t get it. I’m glad that the people at Subaru have created this video giving us more detail on the interior of the Impreza concept and the way it is laid out. What I really like is the cockpit like interior that they are proposing it will have (something Subaru has been missing out on). Anyways, enough babbling from me, here’s the video:

By now, you’ve seen the internet swarmed with images and video of the new Impreza Concept but here is the press conference from the LA Autoshow from last week. In this Press Conference, the key people in Subaru and Fuji Heavy (The parent company of Subaru) explain their concept on this new Impreza and explain the design.

Watch here:


So the Subaru booth at the LA Autoshow (going on this week) made a presentation on their new Impreza concept. The good folks over at Autoblog snapped these photos:

Now this is NOT the production model so before everyone says “How do you get in there without door handles?” most concept cars are like this. They want to go to the extremes in styling to get some reaction. So far, it’s been pretty positive.

The thing that jumps out at us is the aggressive aero dynamics that this concept Impreza has. Also, take note that the rear c-pillar is low and long which a lot of ‘sportier’ sedans are adopting.

The rear shows more of the aerodynamic characteristics that we were mentioning with a diffuser in plain sight along with vents. Very sporty!

Concept cars are a mash ups of dreamy items and production thoughts… however, I doubt carbon fiber accented wheels won’t make it into production. Notice the rather large brakes borrowed from the STi! Could those make it into production?

If you want to see more of these pictures, make your way over to Autoblog!

LA Autoshow will debut the new Impreza concept car with the slogan “Confidence in Motion” featuring more of an aerodynamic look and less bulgy look of the previous  models. It will be powered by a 2.0 Boxer motor and with an optional 2.5 Boxer motor from the Forester. The WRX / STi versions are not yet available.

Read more about it on Autoweek!

Source: Autoweek

This may be old news but we kinda slipped on putting it on here! Sorry!

According Edmunds Inside line, this is a speculated renderings based off of the mule that was spotted a couple of months ago. Here’s their description:

Up front, the test mule looks like it had a few design elements borrowed directly from the Hybrid Tourer Concept shown at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show. The angular lines of the grille and front fascia are certainly different from the current Impreza and they point toward an even more aggressive look for the all-wheel-drive hatchback.

The grille no longer blends cleanly into the hood line, as you can clearly see two notches on each side that sharply define the opening. Separate headlights also appear to be part of the new design along with a new lower airdam and small front quarter windows just ahead of the side mirrors.

The changes out back are less dramatic. New taillights that are a little shorter and wider appear to be the most noticeable change, while the overall shape of the rear window looks much the same as the current WRX hatchback. Hard to tell what’s going on with the tailpipes as the test mule had its exhaust tucked tightly under the bodywork. We can only hope that the production WRX gets a proper set of exhaust pipes when it arrives in production form.

When that will be is hard to tell at this point. We don’t expect to see this Impreza on sale until 2012 given the recent upgrades made to the 2011 Impreza. With that in mind, look for a possible worldwide debut at the Tokyo auto show in November of next year.

Not sure what to think, I like the evolution of design of it but we’ll see how it pans out!


I was doing some research this morning and came upon this; the new 2013 Impreza test mule pictures. Now, usually test mules consists of current bodies with parts of the next model inside it trying to get the electrical and mechanical parts to work and collect data. We saw the new Subaru Coupe test mule running around in Death Valley and you can see the current STi in the body.

According to Inside Line this test mule may be have a hybrid option:

Very little is given away by these spy shots of the 2013 Subaru Impreza (released late 2012) we caught in early testing. It’s still a five-door hatch and we don’t need to see under the car to know it’s still all-wheel drive. But this new Impreza looks to be a bit more upright than the current model, especially the rear. This should allow for a bit more usable space in the hatch. And while the front is flatter than the current car, we can’t tell if this is due to camo, or if Subie is following the trend ( and EU pedestrian crash regs) for very upright grills.

We have no confirmation on this particular mule, but we do know that Subaru is intending on having a hybrid option for the Impreza with the next generation. Perhaps as a seperate model based on the Hybrid Tourer we saw at the 2009 Tokyo Show.

We’ll be posting up renderings of the 2013 Impreza shortly! We’re excited to see the next generation Impreza!

Source: Inside Line