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As much as we wish that this new upcoming Subaru Sports Coupe (aka Toyobaru) was AWD, we have started to see Toyota’s versions everywhere. Seems like Subaru has been keeping their designs under wraps.

Enter Road and Track online. They’ve snapped some images of the Subaru coupe testing (including their Get More G’s tennis ball).

I can’t post up the pictures on the blog due to copyrights but you can go on to their website here to see images.


So the last week we saw that the new Impreza got a bit of a sneak peak. Now here are the full view of the new Impreza.

Check out more images here:

Maybe with some nice wheels, lowered, exhaust, and an STi wing, this Impreza will look great! We’ll wait for the WRX / STi versions to come out to fully judge the new Impreza!

So about two weeks ago, Subaru gave the world their official look at their concept on the Toyota / Subaru coupe variant. Here at, we had a bit of an internal conflict going on when we saw this.

We’ve all see the Toyota version of this coupe and the styling of it was agreeable however the Subaru version seems more bulbous and almost “Audi TT” ish. There was something else that got to us.

The lack of front axles. With Subaru’s marketing campaign surrounding the whole All Wheel Drive why would they go to Rear Wheel Drive? Is it cheaper to piggy back off of Toyota’s design?

Here’s where we start nit picking… WHERE’S THE TURBO?!?! Yeah, it’s a SPORT coupe but minus the turbo really leaves us with an empty feeling inside. Why Subaru?

But what we are hoping that Subaru makes a “STi” version of this with All Wheel Drive, Turbo, and a solid 6 speed transmission. We welcome a coupe. We welcome a new design. However, taking away the two main features that we love about our Subarus, Turbo and All Wheel Drive. What are your thoughts?

So our good friends over at Autoblog had this great report stating that the 2012 Impreza with its new design team behind it may make it’s official debut at the New York Autoshow in August. Here’s what Autoblog reported:

In speaking with IL, Subaru of America’s executive vice president, Tom Doll, confirmed that the 2012 Impreza will go on sale in the United States in August, meaning that an official reveal at April’s New York Auto Show is very likely.

Autoblog, you made our day. We can’t wait to see what the production version will look like and how the STi version will complete our dreams!

With so many rumors going around it feels like Subaru High School but it’s because Subaru is so good about keeping their lips tight about so many things down the pipeline. There have been buzzings about their Subaru Hybrid Tourer which is focusing on their new design approach.

This is Subaru’s first attempt in making a super gas efficient vehicle. We’re uncertain if this Subaru is based off of the Legacy or Impreza Chassis but this may seem like a whole new platform.

Although these images are merely concept images, you can see where Subaru is going with their Impreza Concept and has applied their design theories onto this Subaru Hybrid Tourer.

Well, the Subaru Hybrid Tourer should be a big hit with its modern design but I’m sure that the concept will be different from the production model but we like where Subaru is going with this!

Ahh I might as well call today Toyobaru day since I have another FT86 article coming up the pipeline shortly. Our good friends at Wrecked Magazine got tipped off that Papadakis Racing (Tanner Fousts’ car builder) has already received a FT86!

Word from some reliable sources has it that Papadakis Racing (team owner of Tanner Foust’s Scion tC) has a new Scion FT-86  in it’s possession. We have also been told it might already be caged! We revealed 10 days ago a caged Scion tC that we are certain will be his 2011 Formula Drift car. Judging by the rumored release dates of this Scion FT-86 it appears that Tanner and Steph could be building a 2012 car already to start testing and make this thing a contender in 2012.

Could a production ready version already be out for teams to use? Could it be that they’re ready to release these cars? Could Subaru of America send us one to build? (wink wink).

This may be one of two things, a leaked logo of the new Toyobaru “FT-86” or just a clever viral marketing by Toyota. Either way, this brings a lot into the light for the up coming Toyota / Subaru coupe.

Has a bit of the Super Hero look to it which I dig (BoxerMan? 86Boy? 86BoxerAvenger?). If we get more info on this, you’ll find it on!

There have been two polarized sides to people’s view on Subaru’s designs. Some saying that their awkward angles are beautiful and some saying that they’re hideous. Since their new campaign for their 2013 Impreza, their designs have changed to sleeker, more subtle designs.

The good people at Motor Trend have commented that Subaru is beginning to “reinvent” itself through innovative designs and engineering. Motor Trend commented as saying:

Emotional phrasing aside, we think that these two designs — especially the new signature grille and headlight combination — are right on the money and help transport Subaru out of the “dull and boring” basket, and into the “pay attention” category.

This comment is towards their designs for the FT-86 Concept (which we are still waiting on the official name of) and the Impreza / Legacy Models.

Read more what Motor Trend commented about Subaru’s new designs and see if you agree with them!

Ah, the Tribeca. It’s a great platform that hasn’t really received the well deserved love that most of the other Subaru models have been welcomed to. However, I have a soft spot for the Tribeca. Why?  Because there aren’t any other Subaru models that can haul so much stuff, people, and have the stout flat 6 motor.

So what comes out of the rumor mill next is (or isn’t if you have been in the loop with the Toyota / Subaru mash ups) a surprise. Motor Trend has mentioned that both Toyota and Subaru are talking about integrating some platforms including the Tribeca and the Highlander. The new Subaru Tribeca may share the same frame as the Highlander however the Highlander will have to use the Flat 6 motor currently found on the Tribeca.

If we find out any new news, you’ll find it here!

Source: Autoblog

Well, the Impreza concept car at the LA Autoshow had some mixed reviews. What I keep telling people is that it’s merely a concept. However, people still don’t get it. I’m glad that the people at Subaru have created this video giving us more detail on the interior of the Impreza concept and the way it is laid out. What I really like is the cockpit like interior that they are proposing it will have (something Subaru has been missing out on). Anyways, enough babbling from me, here’s the video: