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There has been yet another recall on the Outback and Legacy models following the most recent one that has to do with the wiring. The new recall has to do with the Legacy and Outback’s manual transmission that has to do with an oil guide leading into the transmission causing the gears to basically break apart.

The NHTSA has stated the following:

“If the transmission gears are not properly lubricated, a groaning sound may begin to develop, alerting the driver to a problem. If this sound is ignored and no action is taken, the gears will eventually break and this condition will lead to vehicle power loss, possibly resulting in a crash.”

About 800 units are affected by this recall and you can go to your local Subaru Dealership to have this handled. Drive safe out there!


The National Highway and Traffic Safety Board has now issued a recall for 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback models because of a wiring issue. The wire issue is located right by the steering column that have a bundle of wires that can develops cracks and can break.

The broken wiring can affect the radio controls, horn, and airbag. If you have these models that were built from Feb. 2010 to April 2010 and take it to a Subaru dealership near you.

Source: Autoblog