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Spy shots make me giggle. Our friends from Autoblog got these amazing photos of the RWD Subaru coupe on the Nurbergring a few days ago. Far removed from the Mules that we’ve seen, this is starting to take shape as an awesome example of a performance coupe that many Subaru fans have been waiting for.

Source: Autoblog


Here’s a video from our friends at GT Channel on a lap with world famous Tommi Makinen around the infamous Nurburgring in the 2011 STi.

I’m going to pump you guys full of videos today because there’s so much content out there. Especially on the 2011 STi and the WRX. Subaru finally made the right move by putting on the iconic flares back on the WRX models (yes, even the wagon gets it. The GD Impreza Wagon guys are jealous) and the WRX STi sedan is back in the bloodline again.

This video is brought to us by Subaru Global and it has that real cooperate feeling huh? It’s all good because it really shows that Subaru is very serious about making a street performance car. I think companies like Toyota, Honda, and Mazda has kind of fell away from the performance market seeking more of the ‘economical’ crowd. Fortunate for us, the new STi has been testing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife course to get as much feedback as possible.

This has been around the net for some time now but I figured that this will be some good o’l content for many of you that don’t look around at blogs much. A slightly modified (with larger turbo, tires, and roll cage for safety) set a new record in the new 2011 STi Sedan that is getting a lot of buzz around town.

Probably one of the most anticipated STi’s to come out in some time now, the Sedan is going back to what a lot of Subaru enthusiasts love, the sedan look. It’s amazing to watch the video to see how the world famous rally Driver, Tommi Mäkinen is able to go through all the corners with ease. I’m sure it’s not his first time around that famous Nürburgring Nordschleife course. It clocked an amazing 7 minute Lap Time. Yes, that’s 7 minutes (Shy of 8 minutes) but if you’ve ever seen the course, you’ll see why but this time trumps many “super cars” out there which to us says a lot about the new 2011 Subaru STi Sedan.

Check out the video here:

More images and details can be found on Autoblog!

(Source: Autoblog)