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A walk over the new Impreza R4
thanks to OfficialiRally

I’m gonna call this Video Friday! Now these videos have been making their way around the net so I won’t bore you too much with the details. Sit back and enjoy the videos (and choas).


So I was swimming around the world wide web (or should I have been surfing?) and came across this amazing STi. I don’t have much info on it other than it was from the guys at and it’s pretty stout.

According to the article, they were testing this car out and its wet set up. I think it’s made for a touring series in Canada. In fact, I recall it used to be World Rally Blue and it had a factory body.

Door Handles? We don’t need no stinkin’ door handles! Aerocatch door handles keep an aerodynamic look.

All the standard race interior parts… pretty serious.

Proper! Check out the rest of the car on and see it in action!



Check out this video with the Royal Purple’s Forum Wars with NASIOC vs. EvolutionM!

Check this great video from SubieFest featuring our very own spokes model Michelle in the first seconds!

Click HERE to view the video!

I really don’t think I have to say much about this GC WRX from Australia… just watch and enjoy.

Check out the new Subaru Road Race Team’s Subaru STi!!! Debut at SEMA next week!

Speedhunters always have great articles and from time to time they’ll feature a Subaru that we all want to know about. This time they take a historic look on the Super GT Legacy B4 that they have been campaigning in Japan.

When this Legacy hit the web, everyone went crazy. First off, it was the new Legacy. No one was prepared. Everyone expected the Impreza model but Subaru pulled it off with the right look and style.

There was high hopes for this team at first, but during their debut they had mechanical problems and to add it to it, they needed additional development time to perfect it. Of course, this is what happens with most new race vehicles that hit the grid.

Subaru did what they can to improve their Legacy throughout the winter and things started to turn.

Speedhunters goes into depths about the Legacy including their improvements throughout the season.

Yesterday, I posted up a video about the Spec C RA-R and here’s a video that explains what it is more. I’ve never seen one in my treks out to Japan, but I’d hope to see one in the flesh. Limited to 300 units so I doubt I’ll see one any time soon.

S204 Motor? Check. 6 pot Brakes? Check. Twin Scroll manifold? Check. We didn’t get one? Yep!

I love coming across well-built Subarus on the net. This video comes from GT Performance at the recent Hyperfest event. From what I can read on the Youtube description, it’s pretty well built. I love the fact that the driver is surrounded by higher dollar cars and he just walks all over them.

Dog Box, Check. Dry Sump, Check. 2.6 Stroker STi motor, Check. All the right stuff.