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Usually my blog consists of racing, Subaru Performance, and Subaru Icons but this time, we gotta dim the lights and talk about something that is a little more serious and may potentially change history. My friend Mike from SubieTech sent me this article via email from the non profit organization Now from my understanding and from what I’ve gathered, women are still not allowed to drive automobiles in Saudi Arabia (or even ride a bike for that matter) and recently there was a woman who made a viral video who was driving. She was promptly arrested.

Now where does Subaru fit in all this? Well, Subaru’s marketing campaigns heavily towards families and women. Subaru also sells vehicles in Saudi Arabia. So if women aren’t allowed to drive (for now) in Saudi Arabia then why bother marketing towards women? This progressive thinking is right up Subaru’s alley and let’s see if they do something about it.

Although there are many women now taking a stand and making good points about why they should be able to drive (well, I know many) the traditions and beliefs of that region still stand strong. Many politicians have stepped up including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

So if you believe strongly on this (which you should) and think that Subaru can make a difference by pulling out of Saudi Arabia until the government has lifted the ban, sign the petition and help the women in Saudi Arabia!

Sign the Petition HERE 



Couple of weeks ago, the 2012 Subaru Impreza was released to the masses at the New York Auto Show. Although the “performance” community of Subaru fans jeered at the new looks (hey, at least it comes with fender flares!) however the general population was jubilant about the 36mpg with symmetrical all wheel drive standard. According to Autoblog Subaru of America is predicting over 60,000 units sold held against the current 40,000 units sold.

This is a bold statement from Subaru but we hopefully will see the increase and being one of few manufacturers that has not suffered a loss, this should be an impressive outlook!

Dave Mirra had an interesting weekend. Seemingly driving his 2011 Subaru STi like a pissed off teenager and being as aggressive as he could. It was amazing to see how hard he was driving and how he was able to really battle it out with the others. Subaru has released this video of his performance and you can see how close some of these battles really were.

Photo by Kyle Lewis


A pic shared on Car and Driver’s blog of the new 2012 hatch at the NY auto show.

Check out what Subaru of America put on their facebook fan page! I think we can dig it!

This is what Subaruof America posted on their Facebook Fan page. They’re teasing us. We can’t wait to see these cars in the flesh.

Not quite Subaru-automotive related but my friend Charles from Subaru of America sent me this info. If you guys are interested in this and you’re in the LA Area, Check it out!

I personally love running and outdoor activities but I (Yukes) will be in Seattle for a different event. I hope this goes well if any of our readers are at this, post up your pictures for us! We’d love to see them!


This morning, Subaru of America teased the new 2012 Impreza on their Facebook Fan page. We’re digging the looks. What do you guys think?

So about two weeks ago, Subaru gave the world their official look at their concept on the Toyota / Subaru coupe variant. Here at, we had a bit of an internal conflict going on when we saw this.

We’ve all see the Toyota version of this coupe and the styling of it was agreeable however the Subaru version seems more bulbous and almost “Audi TT” ish. There was something else that got to us.

The lack of front axles. With Subaru’s marketing campaign surrounding the whole All Wheel Drive why would they go to Rear Wheel Drive? Is it cheaper to piggy back off of Toyota’s design?

Here’s where we start nit picking… WHERE’S THE TURBO?!?! Yeah, it’s a SPORT coupe but minus the turbo really leaves us with an empty feeling inside. Why Subaru?

But what we are hoping that Subaru makes a “STi” version of this with All Wheel Drive, Turbo, and a solid 6 speed transmission. We welcome a coupe. We welcome a new design. However, taking away the two main features that we love about our Subarus, Turbo and All Wheel Drive. What are your thoughts?

Our good friends at Subaru of America is giving away the “Get More G’s” Tennis Ball Antenna Topper! It’s for free and when we get ours, we’ll post up pics!

Click on the image or click HERE to get your free Tennis Ball Topper!