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Subaru’s japan only Ts

Posted: June 14, 2011 by gatchaponkei in Announcements, JDM Versions, STi Edition, STi Impreza


Car and driver reports on their blog today that Subaru’s Ts model targets BMW’s M power brand! Ts stands for tuned by sti, which seems a little redundant, but signifies a step above the standard sti. Though this model carries the same power plant. More info on Car and Drivers blog


We sometimes get a little upset that Japan get their “JDM” Versions of vehicles and us Stateside or everywhere else in the world gets to sit and watch Japan have their fun. Our friends at Speedhunters¬†had a up close and personal shoot with the STi tS in Japan which really made some of here, quite jealous.

The tS has a few features that the regular STi doesn’t have including some tS specific exterior features.

The tS has a few other special features including suspension upgrades.

How does a factory twin scroll turbo set up sound? Nice huh? Wish we had this!

The interior jumped out to me. It was seriously a sports car like design. Red stitching, engine start button, and a very cockpit like design was really interesting!

I’ve seen multiple threads on forums begging Subaru of America making these seats as an option in USDM cars. I now see why.

Carbon roof anyone? Lower center of gravity, looks great, and well, it’s limited!

I always liked the lip wings on STi’s and the wheels have to be the best ones so far for the STi. I’m officially jealous. Check out the rest of the images at Speedhunters!

So, Japan seems to get a few models that make us envious. Including the STi Carbon (minus the automatic transmission) was an STi that most of us drooled over.

Now it looks like the STi tS comes with a carbon roof for the 4 door. The tS is a milder tuning option for the STi trim model. tS will usually have just aesthetic modifications with some mild suspension tuning.

There are some parts of the tS which a lot of us envy including the factory Recaro seats!

Want more information on this JDM only model? Check it out HERE.

Yesterday, I posted up a video about the Spec C RA-R and here’s a video that explains what it is more. I’ve never seen one in my treks out to Japan, but I’d hope to see one in the flesh. Limited to 300 units so I doubt I’ll see one any time soon.

S204 Motor? Check. 6 pot Brakes? Check. Twin Scroll manifold? Check. We didn’t get one? Yep!

In a recent article in Autoweek interviewed Osamu Namba, the general designer for Subaru since 2008, about the concept of design at Subaru. He stated that he has been shifting over the thought process and design process of making Subaru vehicles appeal to the masses rather than have the “quirky” designs that many people have identified with the Subaru.

Plans are to make the new designs from Subaru, cleaner and simple when it comes to design. This should be interesting to see what Subaru designers will have in mind for the years to come. Click HERE to read more on the interview.

It’s no surprise that the Toyota / Subaru news is quite common especially with the rumor of the “Toyorabu” or whatever it’s called coming out as a two door varient to the Toyota “FT-86” concept that has been floating around so when I read this article found in Autoblog it really came to no surprise.

The Subaru Ractis (Rack-tees) is part of the growing segment in Japan called “Kei-Cars”. The demand of the 1.3 to 1.5 liter vehicles is growing and Subaru wants to make sure that they don’t lose out on any of the sales. Toyota has agreed to make a 2 wheel drive and an all wheel drive versions of the Ractis in Japan. 10,000 units will be produced for Subaru from Toyota. Toyota actually owns a bit of Fuji Heavy (Parent company of Subaru) and so this will also benefit them in the end. I think I can speak for many of our readers by saying that we really don’t need to fill the “Kei-Car” segment in the US with this Subaru and it’s one of very FEW Japanese Subaru models that we can say “Uhm, you guys go ahead and keep that.”

Source: Autoblog

Usually when Japan gets certain special edition models, the US Market sits and watches. Hopefully we’ll recieve some good news if some of these parts makes its way to our hands. The great minds at STi have made a tuned version of the Legacy GT 2.5 GT, the Legacy GT 2.5tS. Now, “TS” has a different meaning here, but it actually means “Tuned by STi” (pretty nifty, huh?)

I’ve already really fell in love with the Legacy GT and I think this is the step in the right direction to follow the previous model with upgraded parts. The tS will have upgrades such as exhaust, wider tires / wheels, tuned Bilstein suspension, and tower bars. Though you won’t see many of these Leggys at the track, I’m sure this will give those owners of the new Legacy GT, more of a reason to smile.

No real power has been realized with the Legacy 2.5GT tS but power is only useful when you can use it right.

Read more about this nice Legacy 2.5GT tS and check out the amazing photos at Autoblog.

Source: Autoblog