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A pic shared on Car and Driver’s blog of the new 2012 hatch at the NY auto show.


Welcome To SubieLife

Posted: June 28, 2010 by Yukes in Authors, Introductions, Yukio "Yukes"
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Wow, after much thought and process of doing this, I finally pulled the trigger. It’s a bit daunting since I’ve done several blogs for friends and clients but never for myself. It’s really exciting to go through something that I have so much passion about but I can’t seem to figure out where I want to begin. Maybe a bit of history of me? Who am I?

So there I am. I’m Yukio (also dubbed by my friends as “Yukes”) and I’ve been driving my Subaru since 2006. Quite “Rookie” for many of the purists out there but I have seen and done more than most hardcore Subaru fans. I didn’t expect to get this deep with in the Subaru community but it just seemed like I feel into it. I’ve seen many people come and go but they’ve always shared the passion that I have for my Subie.

I created this blog for one primary reason, to make a one stop source for Subaru related news. See, I usually browse through 6-7 web blogs on a daily basis and oddly enough, a Subaru story does come up thus I wanted to make sure that every single tid bit of information is found is brought here for all of you to read. Make it easier plus we can share comments with each other about opinions that matter from Subaru owner. Simple right?

In addition, I will have features on some of the most unique Subarus out there with photos taken from the best photographers that I know of. We’ll have some of my friends drop in and give insight to what is going on with the Subaru community. As time progresses I hope to have special features that will inspire any Subaru owner out there.

Without having a long winded blog entry about this… blog… I’ll leave you all in search of Subaru related stories. The new entries maybe a few days to a few weeks old but it’s good to have an archive of all the stories that are found especially with updated models of the STi Impreza coming out. I hope to have a few more improvements down the line and with that, I would like to thank you all for your support and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

– Yukio