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I have to say, I am actually disappointed in the game Dirt 3.
On the packaging it states more rally content then ever before in the series, when the first game alone was a 100% rally game. Not to mention it’s heritage predecessor the colin mcrae series.
So far I have done like three rally stages in the career mode, and that’s another thing I’m not a big fan of. Now I know that racing games aren’t known for their career progression, but I really think they should be, because if you aren’t racing you’re looking at menus and choosing where next to race.
It’s so linear. Unlike Dirt 2 where you really only had to do the races you are a fan of, the third instalment gives you a path to follow. Not only that, but the game is based on the archaic point system, so they force you to “race” races you don’t want to but also pretty much forces what car you will drive just to make the points to progress (driving certain cars gives you more points).The reason why I put the word race in quotes is because half the time you are in a gymkhana. I like watching Ken Block’s videos, but it’s not as fun to play, especially when you have to place just to move forward.Though I must add, the soundtrack is exceptional 🙂
That’s my spiel


We sometimes get a little upset that Japan get their “JDM” Versions of vehicles and us Stateside or everywhere else in the world gets to sit and watch Japan have their fun. Our friends at Speedhunters had a up close and personal shoot with the STi tS in Japan which really made some of here, quite jealous.

The tS has a few features that the regular STi doesn’t have including some tS specific exterior features.

The tS has a few other special features including suspension upgrades.

How does a factory twin scroll turbo set up sound? Nice huh? Wish we had this!

The interior jumped out to me. It was seriously a sports car like design. Red stitching, engine start button, and a very cockpit like design was really interesting!

I’ve seen multiple threads on forums begging Subaru of America making these seats as an option in USDM cars. I now see why.

Carbon roof anyone? Lower center of gravity, looks great, and well, it’s limited!

I always liked the lip wings on STi’s and the wheels have to be the best ones so far for the STi. I’m officially jealous. Check out the rest of the images at Speedhunters!

Not quite Subaru-automotive related but my friend Charles from Subaru of America sent me this info. If you guys are interested in this and you’re in the LA Area, Check it out!

I personally love running and outdoor activities but I (Yukes) will be in Seattle for a different event. I hope this goes well if any of our readers are at this, post up your pictures for us! We’d love to see them!


Ahhh Prodrive. I don’t think I know any Subaru owner that doesn’t have at least one Prodrive item on their Subie. Being one of the premier manufacturers and vehicle race car builders, we all want to see who it’s all done. Luckily, the good people at SpeedHunters had an inside look at the Prodrive facility in UK.

There were parts of Prodrive that most people will never see but they got a special VIP access into their facility.

At the time of this shoot, Prodrive was in full swing in building customer Rally vehicles that will be competing in the WRC.

Here’s a Group-N Rally prepped STi being built for a customer.

I’ve gone through some wiring in my life with harnesses but it NEVER EVER looked like this! This is amazing how Prodrive is so well organized!

A World rally customer vehicle on the rotisserie getting some welding done. Obviously very meticulous.

A lot of customers bring their Rally cars here for total builds and refreshments.

Customer Subarus for Group-N being prepped. Beautiful.

During one of the auto shows, Prodrive demonstrated how well and fast they can build one of these GroupN rally cars by doing it under six hours!

Amazing beautiful work of art. Visit Speedhunters for their full article!


Drifting… usually brings out the most ingenious combos of engines and cars together. We’ve seen Nissan Silvia motors in Corollas and GM motors in Nissan Silvias but this has to take the cake in the most interesting combos. Our good friends at Speedhunters just did a feature on the Japspeed Drift Subaru.

Now, this Subaru has been doing quite well in the British Drift Championship.

In true drift fashion, this Subaru drips of style and performance.

According to Speedhunters, this Subaru wasn’t always a Hawk Eye instead it started its life as a Bug Eye. However with the lift of the “bonnet” (yeah, I called it that since this is a Euro Car) there is a sight that we are not used to seeing. A straight 6 motor.

Now from my understanding it used to run a fully built EJ25 motor but now was converted to use a Toyota 1JZ 2.5 Straight Six motor. To some Subaru purists, this is no longer a Subaru…

Regardless of what heart it runs in it, it’s still a great looking car and I’m sure it’s going to slide its way onto the podium shortly.

Source: Speedhunters

Speedhunters always have great articles and from time to time they’ll feature a Subaru that we all want to know about. This time they take a historic look on the Super GT Legacy B4 that they have been campaigning in Japan.

When this Legacy hit the web, everyone went crazy. First off, it was the new Legacy. No one was prepared. Everyone expected the Impreza model but Subaru pulled it off with the right look and style.

There was high hopes for this team at first, but during their debut they had mechanical problems and to add it to it, they needed additional development time to perfect it. Of course, this is what happens with most new race vehicles that hit the grid.

Subaru did what they can to improve their Legacy throughout the winter and things started to turn.

Speedhunters goes into depths about the Legacy including their improvements throughout the season.

That’s right! We want your Subaru featured on! We are looking for Subaru fanatics that take pride in their Subaru.

We aren’t looking for the craziest, modified Subaru out there (although we will welcome them!). What we are looking for the Enthusiast side, the die hard Subaru fan. Whether you use your Subie for off-roading, camping, racing, cruising, modifying, or just driving around, we want to hear your story and see your Subie!

So if you have any Subaru model, drop me a line at (Copy and past please!) and shoot me some images of your Subaru and a little back story on it. If it fits our needs, we’ll be happy to post it up! Remember, more interesting your story is, more likely we’ll post it up!

So what are you waiting for? Post it up and shoot us your story on how you live the Subie-Life!

One of our first eateries of, we covered the JDM-Only Legacy GT tS. Well, our friends at 7Tune had a chance to take one around in Japan! Yes! It’s absolutely amazing!

Only 600 of these gems will be produced all in World Rally Blue, the blue that represents the Subaru Brand.

The interior is saturated with a mix of sports car and luxury! The seats and multiple parts of the interior are trimmed with red stitching giving it a real sports car feel.

Like all STi models, it has the S-Drive dial.

The interior is spectacular. Everything is laid out perfectly to focus on the driver. A true sports sedan.

What was that loud squeal? Sorry, that was me when I saw the carbon fiber trim and this nifty STi engine start button.

The name “tS” is supposed to stand for “Tuned by STi” however the tuning under the hood is relatively light. It has a bits of STi but the engine is nothing close to tuned. It still retains the stock EJ25 that comes with the Legacy GT but that’s where the STi ends.

Most Subaru purists know that it’s not all about hte power but it’s the handling that is important. The Legacy GT tS receives a 18 inch STi wheel treatment with some sticky Bridgestone Potenza tires. However, the Brembo / Big Brake upgrade is absent. If it’s going to be an STi, it needs big brakes in our honest opinion.

Front bumper and lip are upgrades giving the large sedan a menacing look. The suspension is also stiffened to give it some “umph” but doesn’t sacrifice the luxury ride.

So if you want to check out more images and their full review, visit the guys at 7Tune for more!!!!

In a recent article in Autoweek interviewed Osamu Namba, the general designer for Subaru since 2008, about the concept of design at Subaru. He stated that he has been shifting over the thought process and design process of making Subaru vehicles appeal to the masses rather than have the “quirky” designs that many people have identified with the Subaru.

Plans are to make the new designs from Subaru, cleaner and simple when it comes to design. This should be interesting to see what Subaru designers will have in mind for the years to come. Click HERE to read more on the interview.

My buddy Don has a really stylish Bug Eye. Simple in many builds but it holds its unique style. I remember seeing his car a while ago and it didn’t look like this. I found this feature on Hella-Flush. My buddy Cliff aka “TimeAtk” did these photos and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Don is rocking the BBS LM Wheels at an insane +15 offset. Unheard of in most of the Subaru world.

Cliff is an amazing photographer. I’ve hung around him while he’s doing his features and he has a keen eye for attention.

His low stance and mean look really sets his car apart. Go to the article to see more HERE and visit Cliff’s website HERE.