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We’ve been invited by the good people over at Loyola Marymount to display our Subarus on Campus at Noon!

Want to come by? Here’s the address:
1 Loyola Marymount University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 338-2700

Bring your Subaru keys or wear your Subaru gear and receive a FREE Goodie Bag!


2010, the birth of From just an idea that sprouted at 2am in my head to a full out obsession to find the freshes news, great event coverage, and in depth interviews. 2010 has been a huge learning curve and I’ve learned a ton from it!

2011 will be a huge year for us at with some changes coming up! We have been blessed by the support of our readers and fans from the events that we attend to our personal friends that go out and spread the word about

EVENTS: That’s right! Now, there’s two sides to Events in 2011. We will be at MANY events including: Redline Time Attack, SubieFest, Wicked Big Meet, SubieTech Cruises, and S3: Subaru Summer Solstice! We will be there promoting and all the cool stuff. Now, here’s the exciting part.

We are going to be putting together our very own: Subie Life Matsuri! Now I bet about 90% of you guys are asking what the heck is “Matsuri”? Simple, it’s the Japanese Word for “Festival” and since Subaru is a Japanese company, I figured that it would be a perfect name for our favorite Japanese vehicle brand! Not only will SubieLife Matsuri will be a great festival with vendors, contests, a car show, and entertainment, we will be incorporating a drag race with the “Traction: The AWD Battle“. We want to open this up to the Subaru vs. Mitsubishi crowd (STi vs EVO) AND we will allow other AWD vehicles to compete including GT-R’s, Audi A4, S4, etc., VW R32 etc. Competition will be open to street cars all the way to full race cars. We will include “Fun Runs” as well! We’ll keep you all informed on what happens at this event!


Format: When I first envisioned, I just wanted to have a news source that everyone can go to and read about Subaru News. As things have evolved, I’ve been compelled to do interviews,  event coverage, and reviews however, I needed some original content. This will include fun articles, vehicle reviews, and Subie Features with photos taken by highly respected people within the industry!

Now as things are growing and so has my readership, again this is going to be taking a lot of funds and time. We have gone well over 6 months without having to have advertisements on this website, but we need to “keep the lights on”. You will start seeing SOME banners, links, and ads but we promise this won’t be packed full of useless links. No, you will see RELEVANT links and banners that have to do with YOU and YOUR Subie! So you won’t be bombarded with “growth” ads like “other” blogs.

Content: I touched a bit on the content when I talked about the format. Well, here’s a little more info on that. We want to do more original work like reviews. A lot of websites (well, almost all of the websites) that have done reviews on the new Subaru Models have been from people who are automotive experts, NOT Subaru experts. Luckily, I love Subarus but I can be very critical as well. That is why I am going to work with Subaru to get the hands-on approach on looking at these models and hopefully they’ll let me take them on a spin at a local track!

Additionally, I will have some original video pieces that will come along with those and some event coverage! I am looking into getting a decent camera that isn’t a point and shoot and will be using that to my advantage as I practice my picture shooting skills!

Lastly, I will be bringing on some guest bloggers that will be covering events for us from around the World! This will allow me to share as much Subie News as I can so that everything and anything will be covered! Ambassadors: Now, spreading the word of has been pretty “grassroots” aka not-much-money-to-spend-on-advertisement. So, we have been doing what we can to link up with other groups like Subaru of Las Vegas, Apollo Performance,, and various other sites but you’ll start seeing requests for people in other parts of the USA and the WORLD to help spread the word of We need foot soldiers out there to let other Subie Fanatics know about! We’ll be sending you a care package including your exclusive shirt that ONLY ambassadors will have, fliers, goodies, and stickers. This will happen soon so please keep on the look out on our Facebook Fan page and this blog!

Subie-Cast: A few weeks ago, I asked on our Facebook Page (don’t forget to add us if you haven’t done so) if we made a postcast if you would all listen. Seems like it will be done! Now, what we’ll end up doing on this Podcast (SubieCast) is simple. We will review what we put up on the Blog and go more in depth with it. I am in the process of working on this but the format will be fun, informative, and we’ll also throw out some chances to win prizes (and we’ll talk about this later), have guests in studio (aka in my office), and have guests phone in! What kind of guests? Well, we’ll be talking directly to Subaru Race Car Drivers, Subaru of America representatives, Key People in the Subaru Community, and people that I know (because they’re so darn interesting!). Expect this to happen in the Spring of 2010!

Contests: The advantage of having a great group of supporters, sponsors, and advertisers is that they want to promote their products and services. What better way to promote their products and services through a campaign where we spread the word of their business and let YOU our readers, a chance to win their great stuff? Exactly! We’ll be giving away great prizes from multiple companies that will be through our blog and our facebook fan page! So if you haven’t had a chance to “like” our fan page, do so now so you have a chance to win!

Conclusion and a Message from Me: So this is pretty much sums up what will happen through 2011. Also, be on the look out for a newly designed blog and a slightly different format but not much will change as far as content. We really do want you all to come here as often as we post up and help spread the word. This has been done  as a passion and less as a way to “get rich” because I’ve been doing things like this for the Subaru Community for the past 4 years and it keeps me going strong. I love what I’m doing and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the Subaru Brand as long as they know that I’m letting people know how awesome Subaru really is!

I know people are always asking me for more content and I’ll do what I can to find the best content out there and keep you all entertained. The more you send me feedback the more I want to do keep doing this. I will do my best for you all as long as you keep coming here, spreading the word, and coming to the events that will be at! Again, I can stress this enough but you, the reader, have been my inspiration, my motivation, and have given me the strength to do this great blog. I don’t think I would be here writing this if I didn’t have people coming here often as I’ve seen. This has been an amazing trip through 2010 and I am looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store for SUBIE-LIFE.COM!

We were at SubieJam in Las Vegas, NV last week and they already have this sweet video up! Check it out!

Make sure you check out Subaru of Las Vegas and Zenkai Motorsports!

We are planning our very first meet / cruise and it will be to the X Games 16! We are first meeting up at K1 Speed Karting facility for some good o’l karting and then we’re off to the new X Games venue, the LA Coliseum in downtown LA for some Rally! Let’s all gather together and cheer on the Subaru Drivers!!!

We will be giving out some free stuff from Subaru of America so mark your calendars!!!

Some of you guys may know that every year I help create S3: Subaru Summer Solstice with my friend, Sashin Nath. What is Subaru Summer Solstice (S3)? Well, simply put it’s the biggest Subaru meet in Southern California and it’s on its second year. My friend Eric from WOT Magazine has featured our event on his website. Check out his website for the latest and greatest automotive news! Click HERE to read more!

For some of you guys that may not know, I do some work with Apollo Performance in Upland, CA. They’re the premier Subaru tuner in the “Inland Valley” or for you hipster people, the “I.E.”. While I go there about 3 to 4 days out of the week, we received a call from our friend, Julian from Ontario Subaru / Mitsubishi and he asked us if we’d be interested in being part of their first meet ever. We said, let’s do it!

Our friend, Scott at Koyo Radiators took these great shots and he let us use them on Subie-Life! Early on in the morning, a good amount of Subarus already representing! This meet was already off to a strong start!

Lovely ladies were ready to give all the lucky attendees a raffle ticket, meal ticket, and a gift for signing up! Okay, on with the car pictures!

Mitsubishi’s were in attendance along with some Hondas. The Honda Fit was very unique as it also competes in Redline Time Attack. The S2000 was just breath-taking.

GC Chassis were in full effect from Rally Innovations and Dirty Impreza as they really balanced the crowd out road tuned cars and gravel tuned cars.

Here’s my buddy Scott’s STi up for sale at Ontario Subaru. Why is it up for sale? Because he now works at Fontana Nissan and I think they guys there are giving him a hard time for being a Subaru guy! Swing by the dealership for a closer look! This STi has some punch!

This STi belongs to Danny from Apollo Performance. He’s their chief mechanic there and this STi took him nearly 4 years to build and he’s not done yet! Why so long? Because he’s very patient when it comes to his builds. Every part of his car has been special ordered including the Volk TE37 wheels, BRIDE Seats, and Voltex Wing. His STi also makes 450whp.

Another car that got a lot of attention was Gino’s Time Attack WRX from Apollo Performance. This car has 505whp on tap however can generate well over 700whp but due to the Street Tire Class limitation and the amount of grip that the Bridgestone Tires can handle, it’s been set back.

My wagon… more on this later.

The biggest sleeper award would have to go to this Galant VR4. From the exterior this looks like to be a beater that someone drives around…

But packs a lethal punch with well over 650whp! Amazing!

We had a great time and again, like to thank our friends at Ontario Subaru for their kind invite! We can’t wait for their next event!