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Our very own marketing manager and spokes model, Michelle got herself a pretty sweet feature through Model Vanity and she features Subies in her interview!

You will get to know her a little better in this interview and hopefully you will get a chance to meet her at SubieJam next week on November 6th in Las Vegas! Congrats Michelle!!!



We will be at SubieFest this weekend! Not only that, Michelle will be signing our SubieFest special edition posters and the first 100 people will get a free gift bag with a bunch of cool goodies!

October 9th 2010 at Willowsprings Raceway in Rosamond, CA! See you guys there!


So, we know that a lot of you guys are wondering how the first shoot went. Well, it went absolutely well! Here are some shots from the shoot:

This is’s very own Spokes Model, Michelle doing her signature “Jump in the air” move.

Michelle with Yukio’s Subaru (Founder of!

This is the first group of Subarus that we shot. We all loved the Forester!

Michelle in front of our Buddy’s GC! In Matte Black!

Eddie’s Subaru from Garage Defend!

This was “group 2” of the Subaru Shoot.

Well, well, well… who’s this? Yep, that’s me and my Subaru! Michelle and I would like to thank all of the Subaru Enthusiasts that came out and helped out and our wonderful photographer, Carlos for taking these amazing photos! More photos will be up shortly! Don’t forget, we’ll be debuting our new poster at SubieFest BUT if you want to purchase the poster and have it personalized by Michelle, we can do that too!

We thought long and hard… (get your minds out of the gutter) about how we should attract more and more people to our blog. It didn’t take much time for me to figure it out! We needed to add a bit of “spice” to our blog. Being that we will begin to do events and start creating promotional material, I wanted to have a spokes model to represent Subie-Life! It helps that someone whom is personally very close to me is a beautiful model and a professional in her craft was willing to represent Subie-Life! In addition, she’s a die hard motorsports fan, Subie lover, and drives a Subaru. So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce Michelle Farias!

Not only will she be representing Subie-Life at events and such, she’ll be posting on this blog about her own Subie-Life and the experiences that she has! This is truly exciting and we are proud to have her on board. Additionally, you will be able to see her in a few of our upcoming shirts, promotional items, and posters! You guys stoked? Well, because we are. Welcome Michelle, to Subie-Life!

It seems like we get pretty water downed versions of the STi while other parts of the world cool versions like the Cosworth STi. This Cosworth STi is pretty much a super car battler with a humble exterior. To me, it’s a combo made in heaven!

It’s subdued exterior will fool anyone as it actually has a good amount of performance to back its emblem. The power comes out to a boastful 395hp and a lofty 398ft/lbs and that’s all from ‘the factory’. The motor has been give a ‘do over’ with a full build including pistons, rods, upgraded turbo, exhaust, and a ECU reflash. For any performance junkie that is reading this, you already have in your head “Oh, there’s so much more power to get out of the motor!!!”. I’ve seen STi’s get close to 450whp with similar upgrades so these cars are basically begging for more power.

Given that the Cosworth STi also gets its handling from a set of Eibach Springs and Bilstein dampers, it’s a perfect storm.

The exterior is upgraded with mesh inserts on the front bumper, widen track by 12mm, rear spoiler and some nice 18 inch wheels. The kicker is the awesome AP Racing / Cosworth big brake system! These are limited to only 75 units and only sold in the UK. So, given the fact that most of our readers are from North America, it will be a truly rare sight to see these in person.

So what’s the tab on something like this? Well, with great power comes great… amount of income that you will need because it’s well over $70,000.00. As some of you may groan there are those who will love this Subaru so much that they will shell that out and to me, those are the die hards. We will all sit back and watch the Brits get all the fun so we hope that Cosworth may have some plans in the near future.

Source: Autolink

So I’m not sure how many of you know about this “Badge of Ownership” that Subaru has created but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

So you get to show off to all other Subaru owners on what you use your Subaru for. I haven’t seen one yet, but I just ordered mine. Here’s more information:

Subaru owners are known for living life to its fullest and love to share their interests with others. Now you have a unique way to let other Subaru owners know what you enjoy most with your own Badge of Ownership.

The Badge of Ownership is our gift to you for being part of the Subaru family. Each unique Badge of Ownership reflects the number of Subaru vehicles you have owned. Whether this is your first Subaru or one that’s joining a long line of Subaru vehicles in your family, we want to recognize your loyalty.

You can personalize your Badge of Ownership with one or more lifestyle icons that reflect your personal interests or hobbies. Each Badge of Ownership has an adhesive backing so it can be affixed easily to any metal surface.

I haven’t seen one yet but I hope to be the first one in my group of friends to have it. Want to order you Badge of Ownership? Check out:

I’m going to pump you guys full of videos today because there’s so much content out there. Especially on the 2011 STi and the WRX. Subaru finally made the right move by putting on the iconic flares back on the WRX models (yes, even the wagon gets it. The GD Impreza Wagon guys are jealous) and the WRX STi sedan is back in the bloodline again.

This video is brought to us by Subaru Global and it has that real cooperate feeling huh? It’s all good because it really shows that Subaru is very serious about making a street performance car. I think companies like Toyota, Honda, and Mazda has kind of fell away from the performance market seeking more of the ‘economical’ crowd. Fortunate for us, the new STi has been testing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife course to get as much feedback as possible.

I was lucky enough to be at Round 5 of Redline Time Attack in Chicago to see a bunch of records fall. One record that was being sought after was the Street Class AWD category and the COBB Tuning STi was gunning for it. The COBB Tuning STi has been getting a lot of attention lately and there’s a reason why, it’s just plain fast.

Cameron Benner is the driver and he has skills. From what I recall from the event, the STi fell to an early demise as the car caught on fire but it seems like Cameron was able to save the motor before anything else happened. Check out their video:

Usually when Japan gets certain special edition models, the US Market sits and watches. Hopefully we’ll recieve some good news if some of these parts makes its way to our hands. The great minds at STi have made a tuned version of the Legacy GT 2.5 GT, the Legacy GT 2.5tS. Now, “TS” has a different meaning here, but it actually means “Tuned by STi” (pretty nifty, huh?)

I’ve already really fell in love with the Legacy GT and I think this is the step in the right direction to follow the previous model with upgraded parts. The tS will have upgrades such as exhaust, wider tires / wheels, tuned Bilstein suspension, and tower bars. Though you won’t see many of these Leggys at the track, I’m sure this will give those owners of the new Legacy GT, more of a reason to smile.

No real power has been realized with the Legacy 2.5GT tS but power is only useful when you can use it right.

Read more about this nice Legacy 2.5GT tS and check out the amazing photos at Autoblog.

Source: Autoblog

The highly anticipated 2011 updated Subaru STi will be out soon but the base model Impreza (sorry, not STi) with new colors to chose from unfortunantly, one of the colors had to take a bullet which was the Newport Blue but what came out from the ashes were the Marine Blue Pearl and Sky Blue Metallic.

Autoblog has priced out these models but we’re all waiting on the performance model pricing.

Check out the link from autoblog to read more about this! CLICK HERE!

Source: Autoblog