About Subie Life

What’s Subie Life? It’s something that I decided to make because I wanted to really bring as much news about Subarus without anyone having to search all over the net. My name is Yukio “Yukes” and I’ve been a Subaru owner since 2006 but have always admired Subarus. I have a highly modified Subaru and I love the Subaru Community. I love waving to a fellow Subaru owner on the street.

From Racing to Concept cars, you’ll read it here. Whether it’s a SVX, Impreza, Forester, Tribeca, 360, or any other Subaru out there, you’ll find news out there!

  1. John Samis says:

    Great start! Will be a regular online stop to keep up on everything Subaru. Can’t wait to see Subie Life blow up!

  2. Kenny says:

    it was good meeting you. Hopefully we can catch up soon! you have my number, hit me up sometime when you want to take a break from all your hustlin’

  3. Hello Yukio compliments for your blog, I signed up recently and I’m enjoying it with pleasure.
    I own an Impreza 2.0R my 08 and fell in love. My dream is a GC8, maybe one day ….. Subaru still love all of this world.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hey Yukio!! I did not know you had your own Subaru blog site!! Its pretty sweet dude!!! Added to Favorites!!

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