WRX Factory Five Design Contest now going on!

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Yukes in Announcements, Impreza, Subaru Models
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Factory Five is building a WRX powered kit car that is track ready and they want you to design it in their latest contest! Our friends from Autoblog gives us the low down:

Massachusetts-based Factory Five, the builder of some exceptional Shelby Cobra replicas and the GTM race car, has announced a new project vehicle. Starting with a Subaru WRXdonor car, the Factory Five team says it will be able to produce a mid-engined two-seater for under $15,000… and you can help design it.

It’s a sure bet that they will get a ton of feedback and designs of this new track ready kit car.

Factory Five is teaming up with Grassroots Motorsports Magazineto run a public design contest. The goal for the this as-yet unamed sports car will be to feature the WRX running car and weigh in at just 1,800 pounds. It will have a removable top, 95-inch wheelbase and the Subie engine will power the rear wheels.

The winner will receive $5,000.00 cash and have their concept drawing made into the real deal. So, Subie-Life.com readers, get your creative minds at work!



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