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Our friends at Speedhunters have put up their nominees for Car of the Year and our favorite drift Legacy has made the cut!

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Autoinsane reviews the 2011 Subaru WRX!

Posted: December 30, 2010 by Yukes in Impreza, Subaru Models

Well, Autoinsane got their hands on this 2011 WRX and gave it a review. Although much of it has been said by other websites, they give an insight on body mods that are different from the 2010 WRX to the 2011 WRX.

Although we here at to be critical of other websites’ reviews but this one wasn’t as informed as the rest. They focused a lot of the fact that you get an “STi” for the WRX price. Yes, you do get the wider track and stiffer suspension from the STi, but that’s about where the common traits end.

They do fail to mention that the performance aspect of the STi including their super stout 6 speed, DCCD, and aero does make a huge difference and not to the mention the power plant is very strong. Overall, not a bad review of the Subaru WRX from this website however, we wouldn’t call it an STi.

Source: Autoinsane

Here’s a great video from the Zenkai Motorsports / Subaru of Las Vegas group from their experience at Gymkhana Grid! Enjoy!

Soooo where have we been?

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Yeah, I feel really bad that we’ve been MIA for the past two weeks! With constant updates and such, we have to go through some growing pains. There are some things in the works right now that are going on so please bear with us as we try this transition. will not be out for long. We’ll still be posting up some relevant and original work shortly!

I just want to thank you all for being supportive of our cause and we’ll keep you guys in the loop! Thank you!

Dino from Speedhunters knows how to shoot cars and especially at the Super Lap Battle event at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

The AVO STi has an extreme amounts of grip and has the typical Time Attack look with all “business”. The heart of the beast is anĀ invincible Cosworth Block and the boost at 2 bar and has a capability of making well over 600whp. It set a great lap of 58.298 which surpassed its previous best lap time of 59.343.

The Original Runduce STi was there with some mild bolt ons including their great looking aero enhancements. The STi makes roughly 400hp and Dino on the article pointed out the dry carbon turbo inlet. That looks AMAZING! Please put that under the “WANT” category!

Prodrive Japan with Auto Produce Boss brought out this pretty clean GRB and it was able to manage a 1:02.199 which was great for a street car!

Bozz Speed had their R205 STi in attendance with a host of great modifications. Full Titanium exhaust? Yes please! It also holds a Trust Turbo giving this R205 a hefty 400whp. I noticed that in a lot of these STi’s, they don’t do what a lot of State-side Subarus do and reverse the intake manifold. Maybe it’s a USDM thing?

Super Autobacs Nagoya showed up with this fresh GVB STi with Volk Racing TE37 Super Laps and Endless Brakes!

HKS Kansai came out with their GVB! Looks great and I know they’ve just started tuning it!

Dino spotted this clean Legacy GT in the paddock area! If Darth Vader had a family sedan with some guts, this would be it.

When you have a chance, check out the coverage on Speedhunters!


I really love this short film. Take a moment to enjoy this šŸ™‚

Here’s a great shot of a Subaru doing what it does best.

Source: Seattle Times

Autoblog, probably one of the best sources on the web for auto news has reviewed the 2011 Subaru Forester.

Here are some bits from their review:

But at first blush, the new heir to the Pleiades throne looks to be little more than a carbon copy of its predecessor. Horsepower, torque and fuel economy figures are all within a shave of the old engine’s numbers, and while the company’s competitors are investing heavily in direct-injection systems, Subaru passed on this tech all together. Where was the improvement? Judging by the specs alone, we had to wonder why Subaru went through the trouble of building an entirely new facility just to produce what looked to be the same old beating heart we’d known and loved for years. We jumped behind the wheel of theĀ 2011 Forester to find out just what had changed beneath the hood of its all-wheel-drive family hauler.

Of course, all of that could easily be said about the 2010 model. The real difference here lurks under the hood. Despite the deceptively similar numbers compared to last year’s model, the 2011 Forester uses an engine that’s considerably more advanced than its predecessor. The old engine’s belt-driven, single-overhead cam design has been replaced with a chain-driven dual-overhead cam setup for better efficiency. The change helped net the engine an extra one mpg in the city on the EPA’s cycle. Additionally, the four-cylinder uses a marginally larger bore and longer stroke, tweaking displacement from 2,457cc to 2,498cc and helping to deliver an extra four pound-feet of torque 300 rpm sooner than the old 2.5-liter engine.

Otherwise, miraculously little has changed from last year’s model to 2011. The Forester still provides hilariously excellent driving dynamics given its lofty ride height thanks to a pile of DNA borrowed from the lovableĀ WRX. Compared to metal like theĀ Honda CR-V andĀ Toyota RAV-4, the Forester is a grin-maker through any series of twists. Just make sure the groceries are tied down in the rear.

Seems like Autoblog wants to love it, but they only like it because they were expecting more of a change which I can understand. I’m hoping to see more out of the Forester in the near future and maybe go back to their roots as a larger wagon rather than a cross-over.

Source: Autoblog

Our friend Yuji, from Subaru of Las Vegas / Zenkai Motorsports have this massive photo gallery of the images he ‘s taken at the Gymkhana Grid event! They’re beautiful photos and I think you’ll all enjoy them!

To see rest of the photos, check it out HERE.

KBB Names WRX as Best 2011 for Resale Value

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KBB and the Subaru brand have a great relationship. Apparently, the 2011 WRX has made the list for the best resale value in 2011!

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX. Not only is Subaru judged the best 2011 brand for resale value, but the Impreza WRX is named best in the sports car category. Starts at $25,495 for either the sedan or hatchback, features a turbocharged intercooled engine with 265 hp and 244 lbs.-ft. of torque.