Subie-Life SpoCom Show Subaru Coverage… yeah, a month later.

Posted: August 23, 2010 by Yukes in Car Shows, Events
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So, I’ve finally come around and get some SpoCom show Subaru coverage downloaded from my humble point and shoot (hopefully that will change soon) and I now introduce (yeah, a month later) the SpoCom show Subaru coveage!

My Subaru made an appearance with my friends from Team Hokori that helped us get in and score some pretty sweet spots at the show. I’m thinking of a pretty nice “” Graphics along with my title sponsor, Apollo Performance. Stay tuned about what will happen!

Speaking of Apollo Performance, here’s their race car driven by my friend Gino! Fully prepped Redline Time Attack Street Class spec with a fully built Outfront Motorsports 2.5 closed deck motor with a GT4088 Garrett Turbo. It put down 504whp with only 19psi of boost! During the tuning session, the famous Clark Turner mentioned that the wick could be turned up for easily 700whp but the sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE-11R that is used by us could only handle so much grip before letting loose on the Dyno! Can’t wait to see this beast in action again!

This is the other Apollo Performance demo car owned by their head mechanic, Danny. This car is amazing when it comes to quality of parts and performance. Voltex Wing, Zero Sports Body Kit, Volk Racing TE37’s, GT30R Turbo, Bride Seats, JDM Lighting, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! He did so well, that he won 2nd Place Best Subaru of Show! Congrats, Danny!

Our friend Ferdie from South Coast Subaru lined up next to our cars with his impressive ’08 STi! I don’t know where to begin with this amazing STi, he’s got a fully built motor, Cosworth goodies up the whazoo, an INGS+1 Body kit and INGS+1 Wheels, Suspension bits EVERYWHERE! You can’t miss this STi, it’s been in multiple magazines and if well known around the US! Ferdie snagged the 3rd place best Subaru of show!

This beautiful specimen is the 1st place / Best Subaru of Show winner. This WRX is full of high quality parts and it was quite overwhelming to take it all in. It has a full Zero Sports body kits, custom paint, HRE 18×10 wheels, STi motor swap, 5 speed straight cut gear set, GT4088 Turbo, Full cage, Process West V-Mount set up, and Stance suspension. As much as this car has all the go fast parts, I doubt it will ever see a track. It’s a shame, I know.

There were many cars from out of town including this WRX Wagon that was from Vegas. Pretty sweet with a sedan conversion front and a WRC Styled rear over fender. Custom paint as well! I couldn’t see what he had under the hood but we hope the exterior compliments its performance!

Is it me, or was the convention center hotter than usual? Nope, it’s just J.C. Meynet in his STi! This AQ Motorsports built STi competes in Time Attacks is amazing to see in person! J.C. and the crew from AQ Motorsports even met up with us after the show for some great Korean BBQ!

ARK Designs brought out their 08 STi and it’s an interesting body kit for the STi. The wheels look like they belong on a tarmac rally car!

Our friends at Sparco had an interesting set up with 4 Snap-On tool boxes holding up their EVO X Time Attack car. My daughter is underneath it to demonstrate how awesome it is. haha

Here’s probably the most extreme show Subaru at SpoCom. This WRX is from Autoconcept and it features extensive body enhancements including a custom wide body, shaved door handles, and custom paint. The interior has a show cage along with amps and monitors everywhere. It’s an extreme build!

Mizu Radiators were there displaying their WRX in their booth!

I saw this WRX on the way to the show’s roll in the day before on the 710 freeway! Clean and simple with Centerline wheels, an INGS+1 body kit, and a few bolt ons. Nice!

My daughter cheesing it up in my car! Well, that’s all folks! I’ll try to put up sooner than this post when it happens! See you guys at the next event!


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