XGames Practice day photos at the venue are pure rad…

Posted: August 2, 2010 by Yukes in Dave Mirra, Events, Racing, Racing, Rally, STi Impreza, Subaru Models, Subaru Rally Team USA, Travis Pastrana
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It seems like gunshot like blasts coming from the USC area in Downtown LA wasn’t the usual culprit but in actuality, it was the anti-lag systems that were emitted from the rally cars practicing in the unconventional rally course set up at XGames 16.

Our sources told us that this course was different from what we and the TV Audience saw on Saturday. Reason being is that the incline heading out of the stadium and into the stadium was too steep causing almost all the drivers to lose their front or rear bumpers.

As our Subie-Life.com friend, Stephan Verdier demonstrated to us in this picture in his new competition livery. He also lost a few parts in the first round of the Super Rally which made for an interesting obstacle.

Here’s Dave Mirra in his new 2011 Subaru STi Rally car.

There were a handful of privateers in attendance to compete against the large budget teams. We love seeing these scrappy guys getting the job done on their limited budgets! The White STi damaged their radiator and Subie-Life.com and AQ Motorsports stepped in by letting the team borrow their AQ Motorsports STi Race Car’s radiator! The White STi suffered a hard hit when it rolled over coming back into the stadium during the Rally ending its journey. You can check out the rest of the images HERE.

  1. I love the picture of Verdier in the air. Also, the Hanson team was right next to Verdier’s and as I was walking with my sons to get some goodies, I heard them saying they needed a radiator. Thats when I called you (Yukio) to ask about a spare radiator. They were very happy. It’s good to see the Subaru community come together like that! Thats what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

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