Video: Brandon’s serious Bug Eye Sedan

Posted: July 9, 2010 by Yukes in Drag Racing, Impreza, STi Impreza, Subaru Models, Video
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It’s not often that you see a Bug Eye Impreza of this caliber. Most of the time, this kind of ‘engine’ build is reserved for the insane track cars that we’ve been seeing but the builder of this Bug Eye, Brandon, and really up’ed the bar on modifications.

The sound that this Bug Eye makes is just euphoric and it’s really insane that this guy drives with 500+whp Subaru on the street like this and because of that, I give him much PROPS!

Initially made for drag racing, this Subaru packs a punch and drives it on the street!

So enough with my Jibber Jabber and here’s the video presented by Driving Sports Magazine!

Source: Driving Sports Magazine


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